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Expert Marketing Tips for Self-Published Authors

Self-published authors have taken over the publishing industry in recent years. The way that self-publishing has boomed is a result of many writers choosing to skip publishers and get their work out there on their terms.


Important Aspects Of Growing Your Online Presence As A Freelancer

Having a strong online presence is vital to generating leads and sales for your freelance business in the current business climate. It is no longer wise to rely on work that comes only from word of mouth or face-to-face meetings and networking groups to find business.

Types of Market Research and Their Differences

Is marketing a simple tool or the backbone of any business? Around the world, marketers are leading their companies to new achievements and ratings in Forbes. Market research helps marketers to achieve the desired result.


The Importance Of Budgeting And Forecasting For Your Company

Budgeting and forecasting are two essential tasks that every small business owner should partake in. They allow you to keep track of where your money is going and how much you have coming in so that your company remains stable moving forward.