How Can Each Social Media Platform Be Utilized In Marketing

How Can Each Social Media Platform Be Utilized In Marketing

Social media continues to grow and new platforms introduce themselves to the world every year. Strong marketing teams have taken note and dived right into learning how to use social media for their marketing efforts. Despite so many social media platforms, the platform you’ll want to use for marketing campaigns will depend on your business and its buyer personas. If you want to learn how to utilize social media to market your business, here are some valuable insights on the top six social media platforms.


Facebook, also known as Meta, is one social media platform that’s constantly changing with new updates to its algorithm. Facebook’s advertising platform offers many ways businesses can improve visibility and reach new audiences. Almost everyone interacts with at least one Meta social media platform, making it a lucrative advertising platform.

Facebook marketing allows you to reach local audiences and build relationships and a community with the consumers you reach. Facebook offers many ways for marketers to execute campaigns. You can engage with users through Facebook live events, build an online community, use the messenger to provide quality customer service and target specific demographics through your messaging.

The demographic that uses Facebook regularly is slightly older compared to other social media platforms. So if the demographic you’re aiming to target is middle-aged adults, Facebook will be the best platform to execute your social media marketing campaigns.


Instagram, now owned by Meta, is another popular social media platform. Instagram has a complex algorithm that regularly undergoes updates making it harder for marketers to predict campaign success. Luckily, there are many ways marketers can engage with their audience on the platform.

The demographic on Instagram are typically younger than those found on Facebook. Because of this, you want your campaigns to reflect the differences in your audience from platform to platform. Users on Instagram want to hear from the accounts they follow regularly, so you must provide them with quality and interesting content frequently.

On Instagram, you can create live events, post IGTV segments, post how-to videos, and update your story. Posting through these means allows you to capture the interest of your audience and entice them to learn more through your variety of content.


This social media platform allows businesses to join in on conversations your target audience is having, regardless of whether they follow your account. Twitter allows businesses to hop onto trending topics and hashtags and can help you reach a much larger audience than you may have anticipated.

Twitter is a great place to establish your brand as a thought leader within your niche. If your business could gain a lot by being considered a leader in your industry take advantage of Twitter by offering audiences powerful insights on topics they’re interested in.

Twitter also offers a unique advertising platform to businesses, so join in on important conversations and use hashtags appropriately.

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TikTok is another social media platform taking the world by storm. Businesses can use the TikTok social media platform to reach users organically or through paid campaigns. Tiktok allows companies to play around with fun content and engage both younger and older audiences. You’ve likely already seen some viral marketing campaigns from the platform. Some examples include Duolingo’s often risque content that uses humor and goes viral, or the viral Ocean Spray campaign that took the world by storm through its user-generated content that they were able to take advantage of.

TikTok can be a powerful platform for marketers to utilize. However, the content found on this platform will be widely different from others such as Facebook. Users on TikTok engage the most with content that is fun, humorous or appeals to emotions. People on TikTok also love a good series, so take advantage of viral trends to produce marketing campaigns for your brand. Through TikTok, you can build brand awareness, produce content with high engagement, partner with popular influencers, sell products, get customer feedback, and advertise your products.


LinkedIn is one of the most unique social media platforms to exist. The audience found on LinkedIn is going to be older, with its most active users being middle-aged adults. Unlike the content found on TikTok, LinkedIn’s user-generated content tends to be long-form content (rather than short spurts of content), and generally professional in orientation.

People on LinkedIn look to leaders in their industry for important insights. Since the platform originally was for job seekers, you won’t find much playful content on there. Instead, users are looking to network and make connections with like-minded professionals.

When marketing on LinkedIn, it’s recommended to build your campaigns directly on the platform, rather than posting links to content you’ve created on your website. You can also capture the attention of your audience through brief informative videos, but be wary of making them too long. Because most users are active on LinkedIn during work hours, they won’t have the time (or the attention span) to watch a ten-minute video. LinkedIn is a great platform to establish your business as a thought leader in your industry.


Youtube has over two billion active users every month and acts as a video search engine for users around the world. With such a huge audience, businesses need to take advantage of Youtube as a platform for marketing.

Creating a channel for your business acts as an additional resource to customers who are considering or have already boughten your products. You can use your channel to answer frequently asked questions reported by your customer service team. Through Youtube, you can create organic content and promotional videos to help introduce users to your products and services.

There are also tons of popular Youtubers that have millions of audience members. You can partner with creators to collaborate on content for your audience. Partnering with popular creators on the platform can introduce you to users who haven’t heard of your brand and act as an endorsement for your company.

Social media is a powerful avenue for marketing

There are many benefits to be had from marketing on social media. With so many different users coming from different walks of life, you’ll want to do your research to ensure you’re reaching the right audience. Marketing on social media can be expensive, but the return on investment will be worth it as long as you use each platform wisely. With these tips, you should know a little more about social media and be on your way to executing campaigns on the platform right for your business.

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