How To Boost Customer Loyalty

How To Boost Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty means how likely customers are to make another purchase with your business. Loyal customers cost less to acquire on average, while also typically spending more when compared to new customers. Repeat customers are essential for your business, but you may not know how to get them. If you’re looking for ways to keep your customers coming back, check out these suggestions.

Be responsive

Customer service is a massive part of building customer loyalty. Your customer service team is your company’s frontlines to caring for your customers. The customer service you provide shows how much value you place on your customers. Your customers keep your business going, so you want to serve them just like they serve you. Quality customer service means being responsive to customer inquiries promptly. After purchasing a product from your company, it’s natural for questions to arise from your consumers. Whether questions about your product or service, a question about your company itself, the materials you use, shipping and handling, order processing, and more. You want to ensure you provide customers and website visitors with lots of resources to get their questions answered. This means providing a FAQ page in addition to multiple ways for customers to contact your team if need be.

Your customer service team should work closely with your sales team to ensure you’re customer service is comprehensive. Your sales team can offer insights on frequently asked questions, information about products and services, and consumer trends that can all help your customer service team better serve your customers. In addition, you’ll want to ensure you’re tracking and measuring actions performed by your customer care team so that you can see what is going right and what needs to be improved. You’ll also need to ensure your team knows what the needs are of customers at each stage of the buyer’s journey so they can better adjust their service.

Get to know your customers

Your customers are the heart of your business, and it pays to know a little about them. Hopefully, when you set out to release a new product or service, you developed a buyer persona that is representative of the kinds of people interested in your products. You’ve likely walked into a business you’ve frequented where employees greet you by name or at least recognize you from a previous trip to the store. It feels good to be recognized as a loyal customer!

If you have regulars at your business, ensure you and your employees are taking the time to invest in the relationship. Building loyal customer relationships mean getting to know your customers so you can better serve them in the future. Developing relationships with your customers helps you build a pool of loyal customers, and loyal customers are going to be your #1 referral source.

To better get to know your customers, start up a conversation, respond directly to comments on your social media profiles, keep up with new reviews on your business, whatever you can do to personally engage a customer.

Custom loyalty mood board

Employ a loyalty program

Loyalty programs are a great way to bring repeat customers to your business. Loyalty programs can be employed in many different ways, but generally, they create repeat customers by providing access to gifts, rewards for purchases, exclusive offers, and discounts. Rewarding your customers is important because they chose to shop with you. To ensure they make future purchases with you, you need to provide your customers with an incentive to do so.

You’ve likely already seen an example of this through punch cards provided by a coffee shop in your area. Every time a customer visits your business and makes a purchase, they receive a stamp. After ten or so stamps (however many you choose for your business), they receive a gift or reward, such as a free cup of coffee, pastry, or dessert next time they come in. The ‘reward’ doesn’t have to cost your business much, especially considering the customer made ten purchases before they get access to their reward. By offering your customers an incentive to return, you bring in repeat traffic and increase your profits.

Use feedback

Feedback is essential to making positive changes for your business. By providing ways for your customers to share their thoughts, you get access to valuable incites about your business from a customer perspective. This feedback can help you develop actionable items to instill in your business so that people have a positive perception of your business. After your customer makes a purchase, consider sending them an email targeting the post-buyer stage with a section to write feedback. If you’re having a tough time generating responses, consider including an incentive, like your rewards program. This incentive can be an opportunity to win a gift card, get a percentage off their next purchase, or access your rewards program. Like you, your customers don’t work for free, so they might not feel motivated to write feedback unless provided with something in return. By ensuring you implement action after reviewing feedback, you show customers that you care about their opinions and are willing to do the work to ensure they’re happy.

Offer a referral program

Lastly, referral programs are a great way to increase customer loyalty. Similar to a loyalty program, a referral program rewards customers who refer a new customer to your business. You might have noticed your favorite influencers offering a unique code to receive a discount on a specific product. These influencers aren’t just generous but partnered with a company through a referral program.

Each time a customer uses a unique code attributed to a customer, the customer receives some reward for referring a new customer. These ‘rewards’ for bringing in referral traffic can be monetary but can be discounts, gifts, and more. Referral programs benefit the business, and your old and new customers, meaning everyone gets something out of it. Your new customer gets a discount, your customer enrolled in your referral program gets a reward, and your business gets a new customer with the potential to be converted into a loyal one.

The importance of customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is extremely important to businesses. It means spending less to bring in new customers and harnessing loyal relationships between your business and its customers. Loyal customers generally spend more with your business, which is why you must take care of them, similarly to the way they take care of you. Hopefully, after this article, you have a couple of ideas for how you can generate loyal customers for your business.

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