How to Get More of Your Website Visitors to 'Like' Your Facebook Page

How to Get More of Your Website Visitors to 'Like' Your Facebook Page

Social media platforms have grown in popularity in the last decade. The most popular ones include Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, among others. Facebook leads the pack with over 2.9 billion monthly active users.

According to DataReportal, Facebook had over 1.9 billion daily active users in July 2022. Even though this is a drop compared to previous months, Facebook still leads other social media platforms, making it a major avenue for marketers and businesses.

They, therefore, need to find ways to get more of their website visitors to like their Facebook pages. This can help them grow their online presence and reach more people. Here are a few ways of convincing your website visitors to like your Facebook page;

Make Your Website Ready

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that your website is ready for the level of engagement that comes with Facebook.

Everything should be designed following modern principles to meet your customers’ requirements. This will be vital if you want your business to benefit from utilizing social media.

Make Your Website Appealing

Now that you have designed your website, does it have an appealing layout and color scheme? What does it have that persuades your website visitors to interact with you? You need to ask yourself these questions when evaluating whether your website is appealing or not.

If it does not have anything that can convince your visitors to take some action, then you need to forget about Facebook likes. Customers will want to see what you can do for them before they start interacting with you on other platforms.

Show Your Website Visitors How to Connect

There are different ways for you to tell your website visitors that you want to connect with them. One of the most important ones is by putting free Facebook icons in your website footer on every page. This way, they will know that they can access your page through the icon.

If you have any posts on your website, you can also add Facebook icons or links that take your visitors to your Facebook page. You should also add a form of a call to action that shows how valuable your Facebook page is to you.

Let them see that you count on them to grow your presence on Facebook. In addition, make the process of liking your Facebook page easy for them. You can also add Facebook icons on the top left-hand side of your website for easy access.

Offer Them Something For Liking Your Facebook Page

Your loyal customers will probably like your Facebook page even if they are not getting anything in return. However, there is another group of customers that want to benefit from helping you grow your presence on Facebook.

Customers will ask themselves what they are getting in return for liking your Facebook page. You should, therefore, come up with a strategy to reward those who help you grow the number of Facebook likes you have.

For instance, you can run contests on your website encouraging your website visitors to like your Facebook page. You should then ask them to bring in more followers and reward those who bring in the largest number of followers. Use things like free eBooks, discounts, or even free services as rewards.

Motivate Website Visitors to Like Your Facebook Page

Some customers might argue that they are not going to benefit from liking your Facebook page. They might visit your website to look at the services you offer before they can decide whether to buy from you or not.

You need to take this opportunity to motivate them to like your Facebook page. But how can you do that? Modern customers are interested in success stories. They want to see how a business operates and how successful it has been.

However, they are lazy and do not want to read long texts. You can use images to overcome this challenge. Ensure that your website has success stories that visitors can see through website images. They will be motivated to like your Facebook page. This will help you to improve your business via social media.

Build Relationships With Website Visitors

You also need to make sure that you are building relationships with your website visitors. If you have enabled a comments section on your website, ensure that all comments are responded to immediately.

It is important to note that your responses are made for future website visitors. If they see that you interact well with your customers on your website, they know that you do the same on your Facebook page. This will motivate them to like the Facebook page.

Facebook is one of the major online marketing platforms for businesses today. If you want to grow your presence on Facebook, then you need to follow the strategies discussed above.

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