Why Choose WordPress as Your Website-Building Platform in 2021

Why Choose WordPress as Your Website-Building Platform in 2021

According to W3Techs, WordPress is used by 65.1% of all the content management systems we know. It is 42.7% of all websites. It is the largest share of all the CMS that exist. Questions such as “why use WordPress,” “is it suitable for my website,” and “what scenarios are not ideal” are good places to start.

In this article, we’ll look at why you should choose WordPress for your website.

Why Use WordPress?

For companies like MLSDev - software development company, there is often a dilemma about which site to choose for doing business:

WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, Magento, etc. Each has its advantages; each works with specific goals.

If you manage an online store or e-commerce site, it is better to choose Shopify. Today we will find out why you should use WordPress to run your business.

1. The software is free and open-source.

The first argument in favor of using WordPress is that its services are free. WordPress.com is great for beginners; we recommend it for personal and hobby blogs.

WordPress software is free; you will likely end up spending some money. WordPress is self-contained, so hosting is required. It can start at around $ 3 per month for really cheap shared servers.

2. It adapts to create any website.

WordPress has the edge thanks to its blogging roots. It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to write and publish blog posts today, and it’s all included right from the start. WordPress helps you create a beautiful eCommerce website and know that a blog is integral to the development process. Forbes writes that one of the great things about WordPress; it can be fully customized to meet the needs of the enterprise. With the ability to extend the platform using a myriad of plugins and custom coding, WordPress provides a framework for enterprises to build upon the base platform to accommodate their needs.

3. Easy to set up and has a vast community.

As open-source software, WordPress can be used by anyone. The user base is not limited by prices, premium customer support, or even skill level.

It also has official customer support from WordPress. You can pay extra money for dedicated support or work through the WordPress forums.

There are tons of resources out there for learning WordPress or getting quick answers to your development questions.

4. You have complete control over your site.

WordPress is one of the most user-friendly website builders out there. Ecommerce functionality is usually built-in, so there is little you can do with the extension using plugins. In WordPress, the files are yours, and no one can stop you from moving them to other hosts.


WordPress is famous all over the world, and this is not surprising. Many businesses choose to deploy websites on this platform. Some companies prefer to use other platforms, but this often involves learning specific programming languages ​​and immersing yourself in a less user-friendly environment. If you need such a solution, you can refer to https://mlsdev.com/blog/top-custom-software-development-companies.

WordPress is the right choice for bloggers, business owners, developers with clients, and eCommerce professionals.

Author’s bio: Anastasiia Lastovetska is a technology writer at MLSDev, a software development company that builds web & mobile app solutions from scratch. She researches the area of technology to create great content about app development, UX/UI design, tech & business consulting.

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