Social Media Tips for your Bike Shop in 2023

Social Media Tips for your Bike Shop in 2023

The departure of key players, the roller coaster of inflation and deflation, a record number of sanctions, the lack of advertising space, the decline in demand - and this is just a superficial overview of what was happening in the world. Throughout the year, the business has adapted to new realities. The adaptation process also took place in Internet marketing, where it was necessary to reconsider approaches and decide on the future.

Build Content Marketing Around The Customer Journey of Your Bike Shop

In 2023, I advise you to cancel the old and unconfirmed arguments that people come to social networks to have fun, so they need to be entertained in commercial communities.

People live in social networks and with social networks. Part of their life is really recreation, but for recreation they go to entertainment communities and chat with friends. As having a bike shop has its specific differences, then it will be better to create your marketing around your customer journey. You know better what your clients want.

They come to commercial communities for shopping - and this is also a significant part of human life.

Therefore, the task of the commercial community is reduced solely to motivating a person to buy or helping him to buy if the motivation is already there. Based on this, the entire content strategy should be built.

For more than ten years, a generally accepted infrastructure for promotion in social networks has been gradually built up, where foreign social networks Facebook*, Instagram* and Tiktok were at the forefront, and the promotion goals themselves were associated with solving communication problems, including through the work of the brand with the international up-to-date news agenda.

2022 has canceled everything:

  • international social networks are gone;

  • promotion goals have changed;

  • Work with information leads has become irrelevant.

Digital marketing has found itself in a new reality. Which - we have identified several key trends, which are confirmed both by our own experience and by detailed market analysis, which can be studied in the presentation. You need detailed market analysis for your bike shop to assess the needs of your clients and how you can make them happy and engaged in your business. You can use a free online survey maker to create surveys and send your customers. In this way you can get feedback from them and also make profound needs assessments. Remember that these steps will take you closer to your dreamt marketing strategies.

From Image Promotion To Image Promotion For Bike Shops

Until 2022, two areas of SMM were developing in parallel - image and performance. And if you have a bike shop, it means you need to be more critical of clients’ impression and your products’ quality.

As part of the image promotion, brands solved the problems of communication with the audience, the goal was to convey meanings and increase brand awareness. As part of the performance promotion, social networks were considered as a tool for ultimately increasing brand sales.

The performance was mainly of interest to small and medium-sized businesses; large business implemented business tasks with the help of social networks, large players entrusted the performance to media buying agencies, whose work was reduced to the use of direct targeted advertising tools

More and more often, both within the briefing and within the framework of tender discussions, we see a request for the implementation of strategies that would take into account both communication goals and the ultimate objectives of the payback of the Internet channel.

“How to turn social networks into a full-fledged marketing channel that would manageably solve problems at all levels of interaction with a client, from increasing awareness to final sales?”

Moreover, many successful examples have appeared on the market in recent years, when SMM became an autonomous and full-fledged channel with a transparent unit economy and significant results.

You have different types of bikes and all of them have their specific differences. It is essential to have a nice guidebook and share it with your clients. It will help you to have a better relationship with your clients.Explain to them why they should electric bikes 2 seater and how it can be useful for them. Client needs exact information and product description and it should be an integral part of your strategy.

Transparent efficiency

In a crisis, business is always striving for optimization and efficiency - this is not new. He seeks and uses those communication channels that can bring results.

In the choice of channels, one of the most important parameters is the predictability and transparency of planning and achieving results, if at home - “normal tracking is needed”.

And it is precisely with “tracking” in social networks that everything is historically difficult.

Previously, this issue was omitted due to the lack of clear methods, so social networks were assigned image functions or they were considered as an element of testing hypotheses.

Now that won’t work. Advertising agencies must answer the question of how to calculate your performance if they want to stay in the brand’s eye. And this is a very complex and very important third trend. If you want to learn how to get clients on Instagram then analyze your clients’ interests and develop your social media marketing skills. Remember that you should deliver catchy and useful content, so your followers will become buyers.

How to build and implement effective promotion For Your Bike Shop in 2023

You business type is very specific, as it is a bike shop. The main problem of promotion in social networks is low predictability. Over the years of the existence of SMM, no one really managed to build at least some kind of intelligible model and, more importantly, explain it with the help of numbers.

Even successful cases are built on speculation and lucky coincidences.

Everyone knew about this problem, but the market allowed it to be ignored. Now the situation is different.

The market is interested in social networks, because there are hundreds of millions of potential consumers, but customers are no longer able to pay for unpredictable channels - they need a clear model, a system of metrics and transparent tracking.

We at the Studio have been working on this request for the past four years, especially actively throughout 2022.

As a result, we managed to develop a universal marketing model that makes promotion transparent, providing a single logic, metrics system and analysis tools for the advertising market.

I will briefly describe the system below.

Final Notes

2022 and 2023 are years of total optimization. In order to survive, especially in the case of microbusiness, one must learn not only to create new mechanics and funnels, one must also find the strength and ability to abandon certain inefficient tools.

And yes, to my deep regret, sometimes SMM can be one of such ineffective tools, and perhaps the best thing you can learn from this article is the willingness to at least temporarily stop with SMM.

SMM is one of the Internet marketing channels, along with contextual advertising, SEO, email marketing, and others.

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