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How to Run a Successful Podcast

Podcasts are an easy and efficient way to share information, guidance, and experiences with people all over the world. With podcasts, you are not only constantly growing and gaining an audience, but you are also connecting with them.


Social Media Sales Funnels & Why You Need Them

When it comes to online marketing, social media platforms have become some of the best spots for attracting an audience, getting your marketing message out there, generating leads, and of course, making sales.

How To Utilize Social Media To Make Better Stock Trading Decisions

Most online stock trading investors always tend to think that they are right most of the time, and it's unfortunate since they sometimes end up making wrong investments. Investors tend to make bad trading decisions since they are cognitively biased, resulting in losses


Handy Social Media Resources For Software Developers

Frequently, software developers are perceived as anti-social people or to be precise, geeks who are too obsessed with computers. What most of you don't realize is that these people are the biggest users of social networks.

6 Things the COVID-19 Crisis Taught Us About Business Continuity

Business continuity planning or BCP, as it is popularly abbreviated as, refers to creating suitable business systems that help manage emergencies. Such situations may be caused by natural disasters, pandemics like COVID-19, and others, and are a potential threat to a business organization's proper functioning.


The Importance Of Having A Social Media Presence For a Dental Office

Imagine that you are a dentist and have a dental clinic where you fix people's teeth. You want to advertise your dental clinic venture online using social media to reach more people but unsure. This is the scenario with many businesses that are yet to realize the impact of social media on businesses.