Main Questions Of Content Creation For Social Media

Main Questions Of Content Creation For Social Media

Before you start creating any content for social networks, you need to work out a unique and interesting strategy. Today, the total number of their users is 4.62 billion, which is 10% more than last year. Therefore, bringing a business to social networks is a justified way to expand your audience. Even if you are just starting to use social networks or just want to enter new platforms, you need to clearly understand what you want to get as a result of your actions. We’ve rounded up the top 6 social media content creation questions.

№1. What goal do you want to achieve?

Despite the banality of the question, it is the main one. You must understand what kind of success you are striving for, and what is better to focus on. When answering, pay attention to:

  • brand recognition;
  • new leads and clients;
  • loyalty of users and customers;
  • conversion.

All this can be increased, even at the expense of one content. The main thing is to understand what exactly and how much you need to increase. Write down goals and communicate them to your team.

№2. How well do we know our audience?

You need to be clear about who your audience is, how you can engage them, and which social media platforms are best suited for this. To answer these questions, conduct market and competitor research. Then analyze the data and collect a portrait of your client. This will help to get information about the client’s pains and reflect their solution in the content. If you don’t know how to write useful content correctly, use the essay writers service.

№3. Who do we want to attract?

Assess which audience is your prerogative right now. Perhaps you want to attract new users, work with existing ones, or increase the loyalty of regular customers.

For example, to attract a new audience, you should pay attention to influencers who can invite them to your pages on social networks, as well as providing only useful content that solves people’s problems. To maintain the existing audience and regular customers, activities should be carried out to increase loyalty. If they do not know about your social networks, send them a link to them by mail, backing it up with an interesting message.

№4. Which social networks suit us best?

Unfortunately, not all social media platforms may be right for your company. To select, you should evaluate the market and the relevance of the social network to your goals, as well as the preferences of your target audience and their demographics.

After analyzing the data, you should create a model of future content individually for each social network that you plan to access. For example, Twitter involves the use of short and quick mailings, while Instagram is better to launch infographics, useful and deeper content.

№5. How can we communicate with the audience?

This question is the most difficult to answer. You need to create a single communication model that suits your customers. You need to develop a style for letters, posts and other types of content. Pick the one that best represents you and fits the theme. You can choose between informational, business or humorous style. Also, look out for short Reels videos, which are the most effective type of content in 2021 according to 85% of marketers.

The main thing is to distribute a single feed through all channels of communication with users. Despite the fact that social networks are characterized by a simpler style of information transfer, it should not differ much from the one with which you conduct mailing lists, maintain a website.

№6. How will we measure results?

Before you start measuring your content performance results, choose the metrics that matter to you. Many social media platforms give out a lot of information on the progress of marketing campaigns. Each of them has their own tools. All metrics should be studied and monitored from the first publication.

There are also more versatile tools for studying metrics from several platforms at once. For example, Hootsuite Analytics, Google Analytics, Unbox Social, etc. They are convenient for collecting and analyzing data, which speeds up the work process.


Today, more than 54% of users search for products through social networks. If you are still not using them to increase conversions, now is the time. We’ve broken down 6 essential questions to ask yourself before creating social media content. Once you answer them, you can create a marketing strategy and start attracting the right audience. Don’t be afraid to face challenges and make mistakes at first. This is absolutely normal. Questions and answers to the main questions will be an excellent basis for your success.

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