Increase Your Website Conversion Rate With These Statistically Proven Methods

Increase Your Website Conversion Rate With These Statistically Proven Methods

One of the most important aspects of running a successful business is to have a high conversion rate. The higher your conversion rates are, the more likely it is that you are going to make more money on your website. A lot of people think they can just throw some money into advertising and increase their traffic, but this isn’t necessarily true.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

People are always on the go, and most people want to be able to see your website when they have free time. If you have a responsive design that looks good on both desktops/laptops as well as mobile devices, then more people will be likely to give your site a chance.

Another important factor to consider is the size of your website. If it takes a person too long to load your site, they will probably leave and never come back again. A good rule of thumb is under three seconds for both mobile and desktop browsers.

A lot of people think that having their page go viral on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter will increase traffic and conversion rate as well, but this isn’t necessarily true either. You should focus more on getting links from other high-quality websites rather than just trying to get as many likes/tweets as possible because those followers won’t be worth anything if you don’t have real visitors coming in through organic search results.

Use A/B or Multivariate Testing

Multivariate testing is a great way to increase your conversion rate. This type of test involves using two different versions of the same page and having them go against each other, so you can determine which one performs better, according to the team at Savage Global Marketing. You will be able to see how variables such as headline, content, layout, etc affect conversion rates on your website, so you can tweak things until they’re just right. Google Analytics has built-in features for multivariate testing that allows you to do this very easily without any coding experience required!

A/B split testing is the same thing, except it only uses two pages instead of four and there are fewer variables involved than in a full-blown multivariate test. The reason why most people use this type of testing is that it’s easier to implement and there are more tools available for A/B split tests.

Use Popups and Exit Intention

One of the most effective ways to increase conversion rates is by using popup windows. People will often give up on your website if it takes too long to load, or they struggle with scrolling down a page, so you should use popups that address both of these problems. The best type of popup for this purpose would be an exit-intent modal because they only appear when someone tries leaving your site anyway. You can set them up in such a way where people have to enter their email before they get redirected back to the original page they were trying to leave from, which dramatically increases conversions and overall traffic!

These techniques are all statistically proven methods that any business owner interested in increasing their conversion rate ought to implement right away. With these tips, you are sure to see your website conversion rate skyrocket!

Consider Video Marketing

Video marketing is another great way to increase your conversion rate. A lot of *people struggle with reading online, so if you can include a video that explains something in more detail, then people are much less likely to bounce from your site and give up on it. Videos also have the added benefit of being able to rank for search results as well!

This means that they will show up when someone types certain keywords into Google, which could lead potential customers straight towards your site. Don’t think that just because you don’t know how to make videos yourself, there are plenty of sites out there where you can purchase custom-made explainer videos at an affordable price!


SEO is another great way to increase your conversion rate. If you have a blog, the biggest benefit of using SEO would be being able to come up on search results when people are looking for certain topics or ideas that may relate to what you’re blogging about. The more targeted traffic you get from Google searches, the higher chance there will be that someone clicks through and ends up buying something! Everyone knows how expensive digital marketing can get, so this makes it possible for even small businesses with limited budgets to take advantage of one of the most powerful tools out there today.

Website conversion stats

You should now know several different ways in which you can boost your website’s conversion rates by following simple steps anyone can implement right away! Don’t forget that these methods are all statistically proven to increase your website’s success rate, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t try them out!

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