How to Quickly Expand your Startup in 2023

How to Quickly Expand your Startup in 2023

Looking for new, exciting solutions that will make your job easier? Are you looking for inspiration or valuable sources of knowledge?

Maybe you have an exciting idea to start a business or start a business in a rural area, but you don’t know which promotion channel to use? Looking for a content marketing idea?

Now it’s the right time to introduce you to a startup that promotes other startups and new products and will help you improve your business in 2023. It’s a Product Hunt. It makes utter foreign money from sandwich videos, but you can draw many interesting conclusions from it, and it can be helpful for you to promote your business in 2023.

Today I will focus on a few things: what Product Hunt is, how it was created and how it managed to grow 5.5 million users a month, and finally, how to promote yourself using Product Hunt and improve your business in a short period and of course I will introduce you to IndieHackers, HackerNews, BetaList.

Table of contents:

1. What is Product Hunt?

2. Product Hunt in practice

3. Presenting your product

4. Bench Developer Tips

5. IndieHackers

6. HackerNews

7. BetaList

It is a website for enthusiasts of news from the world of startups, applications, and exciting devices. It is a rich resource, containing an extensive database of different types of valuable materials, podcasts, e-books, tools, and games. How they describe themselves:

It’s a place for enthusiasts who love products to share and explore the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and technology creations.

A website or a landing page visited by journalists and investors searching for a new startup, application, or device will stir the market, so it is vital to create it properly. A landing page sometimes called a “lead collection page,” is a page on your site, usually built with some dedicated landing page builder.

You can say that you are on a good landing page if:

1. The site has one purpose

2. It has a simplified design and lacks other common elements of the site, such as the search bar or navigation

3. You feel compelled to take action by filling out the contact form

Now, let’s see how Product Hunt works.

The principles of the Product Hunt website are relatively simple. Everyone can add their application, e-book, etc. Dozens of new brands appear on the site every day. An algorithm is responsible for its position on the list, which primarily considers the votes of users, but also things such as comments, the time elapsed since adding information, the number of interactions, or the person who reports a given item to the website. It is worth noting that additional bonuses are given to votes and opinions issued by influential people with an established reputation and who are well-known.

Product Hunt started as a mailing list. The beginning dates back to 2013, and already in 2014, thanks to joining the I Combinator accelerator and the efforts of the founder Ryan Hoover, it received $ 6 million in funding. The site satisfied investors’ tastes and the preferences of technology and startup nerds and quickly achieved publicity and success.

2. Product Hunt in practice

It’s time to start using the website in practice. It is a beneficial portal that can help people from different industries. Its most significant advantage is that thanks to it, you can quickly gain a technological edge over the competition - be the first to find the latest, innovative, valuable tools and materials that will increase the efficiency of your work.

We will show how we used it in content marketing activities and describe what interesting applications, books, e-books, and podcasts we found thanks to it. People can use the website in any other industry on a similar principle.

The application is key to our content marketing activities, making our work easier. Therefore, we started our web search by finding interesting tools,. How to do that? Nothing easier. Enter the phrase “content marketing” in the search engine, select the “tech” tab and see what appears.

So we get a list of useful tools. We can sort them by the most popular or newest. The most significant advantage of Product Hunt is that it is easy to find an interesting application with a lot of new, nowhere-else functions. Most tools are free or have a free trial, which is a bonus:

Useful tools

One of the very useful tools we have invented thanks to Product Hunt is It is a tool used to create newsletters and interesting summaries. tool

Another valuable tool is Toneapi. To create better content, this is an application that will allow you. It analyzes the content in terms of the emotions it should provoke and allows you to improve it. For any content retailer, it is a very useful tool.

The application analyzes content, enables A / B tests, and optimizes text in real time. The data are given in very clear and simple graphs and reports.


PowerPoint presentations are often used in business to present work, ideas, or concepts. But slides can be very difficult when you have a lot of information to share, and you don’t want it to go over people’s heads.

SlideModel is an online platform that helps people create better presentations by creating a visual model of their content.

This platform helps people create better presentations by offering access to a huge catalog of 100% editable presentation templates compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides, including infographics, diagrams (SWOT analysis slide, timelines), and complete slide decks.

UPRISE is a tool for research and analysis. It allows you to search for content on a given topic and check the number of shares, participants, and influential people related to a given topic. Everything is presented in aesthetic form with a lot of statistics and data.

Uprise tool

A tool for creating aesthetic graphics, infographics, e-books, and generally all content based on pictures. Intuitive and easy to use.

Visage tool

The description “Mailchimp + Buffer in one simple platform” should suffice. It is a platform for planning email marketing campaigns and content on social networks. Very useful.


You can also find many useful e-books on the website. The search procedure is the same as for the tools. This time select “podcast” in the tabs. When it comes to content marketing, you can find a lot of valuable material.

Another thing the service can do is look for high-quality podcasts. This is perhaps the most suitable podcast browser on the web; very rich and with channels not available anywhere else.

3. Presenting your product

Product Hunt is also a fantastic place to promote your startup. The portal’s potential allows you to quickly gain publicity in a very influential and interested group. It is an application for creating virtual conferences, with the ability to exchange files and edit them live.

4. Bench Developer Tips

How was this done? The application developers themselves provide advice. In addition to respecting the general principles of internet marketing, such as engagement, high speed of reaction, and interaction, several tricks were used, which we will describe below.


As always, strategy is paramount. The application developers have prepared a detailed plan for the product’s release, including drafting press releases, posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blog posts, email campaigns, contact with users, and more.


Even before the product was released, the creators of Bench offered influencers access to the demo version. Influencers were searched and harassed, among other things, by checking comments on similar applications and using Twitter.

As a result, valuable reviews were received, which later served as a good advertisement for the product.


Product Hunter is an influential, active and respected person among the community and website creators. There is a suspicion that these types of people significantly influence the position of the released product since the algorithm attaches great importance to them. The creators of Bench managed to convince one of the first employees on the site to cooperate.


Which is 12:05 Pacific time. For a simple reason - the lists of the latest products are reset at 12:00.


According to the creators of Bench, that was one of the factors that influenced their success. However, it is challenging in this area to obtain accurate data.

All in all: Product Hunt is a fantastic tool that people can use in many different ways. It is a source of exciting applications, a library where you will find the most valuable educational and promotional materials, and a great place for startup promotions.


IndieHackers is a place where founders of profitable companies and side projects can transparently share their stories, and entrepreneurs can come to read and learn from these examples.

IndieHackers tool

If you have a technology project and/or are looking for feedback, feel free to post it on the HackerNews website. Don’t forget to mention asking for feedback or giving them too promotional a title. Hacker News is an excellent platform if you have a startup that serves a technical audience.


BetaList is a place for discovery and early access to future startups. If you can provide detailed information about your launch and product, it makes sense to register and fill out the format and BetaList.

If we were to make a comparison between Betalist and Product Hunt, BetaList has a better-organized promotion for paid presentations. The project is visible in the Trending Startups section at the top of the website for three days. In addition, the mailing is sent to the entire database. The ad is free. Product Hunt provides only business cards for free. You only pay attendance on the sheet.


If you decide to open a company in 2022, all you need to do is use the right tools in your work, and do not be afraid to include your time in the preparation, and clients will start contacting you. Believe in yourself and your abilities because you are the only tailor of your way of life.

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