How Entrepreneurs with Bad Credit can Finance a Startup

How Entrepreneurs with Bad Credit can Finance a Startup

Are you looking to start a new business but worry that you may not receive proper funding because of bad credit? Granted, getting a traditional loan might not be an option, but you have a plethora of options to choose from.

This article will cover several funding options you can use regardless of your credit history to get your business up and running.

Social Lending Platforms

The internet has made it easier for people to connect; one way they can connect is through social lending websites.

These platforms allow users to borrow or lend money based on their needs. One of the best things about these platforms is how easy it is to access funds. All you need to do is tell the funders a compelling story.

Additionally, you do not need to worry about high-interest rates because these sites typically have low rates. Loans from these platforms are considered personal loans, but you can use the funds however you like, including financing your business.

Traditional Loans

Outside of bank building

If you have bad credit, you might find it hard to take loans from traditional lenders, but it is not impossible. That said, it is essential to remember that the interest rate will be higher than usual, and you might need to provide more collateral than those with decent credit.

In addition, if you decide to go with this route, you need to be sure that you can repay the loan in due time because failing to do so might worsen your credit score.

Fintech Platforms

As time goes by, more and more financial technology lenders are coming into the industry. While this might be a bad thing for those in the industry due to competition, it is fantastic for you because you have many options.

That said, these lenders are not the same and look at various requirements before giving out loans. However, these fintech companies do not focus on your credit history and offer you loans regardless of your credit.

An example of such a platform is You can take a personal loan even with bad credit, and the approval and funding process is quick and easy.

To better understand how to go about the borrowing process of fintech companies, you should look at the lender’s track record, customer support, application requirements, and services.

Also, while you might be able to take loans immediately, you may not receive high funding options.

So, if you want better funding options and loan terms, you need to use the services of the fintech company for a long time. This means taking loans frequently, making repayments on time, or using their other services as often as possible.

Family and Friends

Getting a loan from family or friends can be an excellent idea if you have bad credit, but it might not always work out. Firstly, you may find that the amount you need for your business is too high for them to afford. Alternatively, your circle of family or friends might be small, or they may struggle to make ends meet.

In some cases, these people may have the funds to give but worry that giving you would be a financial risk because of your bad credit.


Outside of credit union

Microloans are similar to traditional bank loans and are offered by micro-credit organizations like credit unions. These organizations were established to help people rejected by traditional lenders get capital to fund their new or growing businesses.

One of the reasons why these loans are easier for people with bad credit to get is because the amounts given are typically small. You should be able to get about $50,000 or less, and this is a fantastic option if the amount is suitable for your business needs.

Most of these organizations are backed by Small Business Administration (SBA) and understand the challenges of starting and running a new business. Therefore, they are more lenient with their terms and even help those who need them to navigate their businesses for long-term success.

Equipment Lenders

Most new businesses require equipment, no matter how small. It could be something as simple as computers and printers or heavy-weight machinery to help them run their business efficiently.

Equipment lenders understand these needs and provide loans specifically for these products. Most of these lenders work with new businesses, and their terms are tailored to the specific needs of these businesses.

Keep in mind that these loans require collateral, which is the equipment. Fortunately, these lenders do not pay attention to credit histories due to this collateral.


The government is always looking for ways to create job opportunities for people, and one of the best ways to do this is to create small businesses.

Hence, there are a large number of government and private grants that help people start and maintain businesses. Furthermore, these grants do not care about your credit history and give out funds regardless.


Having bad credit does not mean you cannot finance your business. While you might not be able to get funding from traditional lenders such as banks, you have various other options to choose from.

Some require collateral, while others require long-term usage. Regardless, if you follow the proper procedure, you will find a method that works for you.

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