Finding the right blockchain developer for your business

Finding the right blockchain developer for your business

Blockchain has transformed the face of technology in the past couple of years. The global blockchain market is supposed to reach a valuation of $1431.54 billion by the end of this decade. With so many advanced capabilities of this technology, everyone wants a piece of the pie. As a result, there has been a steep rise in the demand for blockchain developers. Unfortunately, the existing pool of blockchain developers in the market is not enough. Even if you find a blockchain developer to deal with the nuances of your complex project, chances are they will not be skillful enough for the job. Consequently, businesses land in a very tough spot where it is challenging to budge.

However, some measures or tips can help you find the right blockchain developer for your blockchain projects. So, continue reading to learn more on the subject:

Skills Your Blockchain Developer Should Possess

becoming a blockchain developer

When you rent a coder or developer for your project, it is important to ensure they are equipped with certain skill sets. For instance, they must be familiar with concepts like data security, decentralized technologies, cryptography, the Ethereum network, and most importantly, blockchain. So, here are some skills that your blockchain developer needs to have:

  • Data Structure: You must first ensure that the blockchain developer is familiar with data structuring. It is important because data drives this modern digitized environment and unstructured data is no good to anyone. Therefore, always ensure you pick a blockchain developer familiar with the nuances of data structure.

  • Different Concepts of Blockchain: General knowledge about blockchain technology is great. However, just general knowledge is not enough to support the requirements of your complex blockchain project. Thus, find a blockchain developer familiar with the concepts of immutability, smart contracts, sharding, permissioned blockchain, public blockchain, and more.

  • Basic Concepts of Programming: The other thing your blockchain developer must have are basic programming skills. These concepts include Java, Python, JavaScript, C++, C, Go, and Solidity. Besides that, ask if the developer has experience working with Object-Oriented Programming Structures (OOPS).

  • Security and Encryption:Security and encryption are crucial for success in this digitized environment. Cyber crime is expected to cost the world $10.5 trillion by 2025 and no business wishes to compromise the safety and security of their data, blockchain is a complex and relatively new technology as compared to others and it is always a good option to verify the security by an experienced QA tester as it has a highly secure data structure and to make it withstand cyber attacks

Thus, ensure your blockchain developer has the Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) knowledge. They must also be clear about the distinction between SHA-2 and SHA-1. Besides that, in-depth knowledge and understanding of private and public key concepts are always a plus.

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Tips To Help You Hire The Right Blockchain Developer For Your Complex Blockchain Project

Of course, finding the right blockchain developer is never easy. But fortunately, here are a couple of tips to help you hire the right blockchain developer for your complex project. So continue reading to learn more.

1. Learn About Their Niche

find your niche

The qualification of your blockchain developer is more important than you might imagine. It would be best if you had a detailed understanding of what exactly is the need for your project. This understanding helps you find someone with the skills and competence to suit your specific requirements.

Make sure to enquire about their approach towards optimizing a code and even ways to create solutions that never lack compliance with GDPR policies. You can even ask about their approach to enhance the user experience on any platform.

2. Ensure Your Job Description is Appealing

job description

As mentioned earlier, the demand for blockchain developers exceeds the market’s current requirements. Thus, attracting the right talent is never easy, requiring you to be more proactive with your approach. One easy way to do so is by enhancing the appeal of your job description.

Make sure you pay attention to details and allow them the flexibility to do their work. Other than that, fair compensation can always go a long way to ensure you find the right blockchain developer because 61% of candidates say salary range is the most important consideration for them.

3. Make Sure They Are Qualified For The Job

job qualifications

Blockchain is anything but easy. Thus, you do not want to end up with someone who lacks the knowledge and understanding of this technology. So, make sure to emphasize the significance of qualification in your team.

It would be best if you had a blockchain developer whom you could trust regarding their competence and ability to satisfy clients’ distinct requirements. You must even consider checking out the reviews left by their old employers to get a better understanding.

4. Start Working On The Interviewing Process

interviewing process

Inviting a candidate to your workplace is the best way to leave a lasting impression on you. Allow them to experience the ambience of your workplace and tell them about the growth potential in your organization. On the other hand, if your developer works remotely, try sending them a video introduction to the company.

Bottom Line

The growth potential of blockchain technology is not something one can comprehend easily. However, leveraging this potential and using it to your advantage is impossible without a reliable and competent blockchain developer. So, remember the information above and ensure your blockchain developer has the right skills to support your blockchain project. Toptal recently published an article that contains effective questions to help evaluate and filter out the true masters of Blockchain Development that you can find here. You can also contact webisoft, one of the top blockchain developper in canada.

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