Best Travel Destinations for Business People

Best Travel Destinations for Business People

If you’re new to business, or even if you’re not, traveling may be or may become a bigger part of your life. If you’re looking to make connections or find talent, there are destinations that may be worth a trip. We’ve rounded up some experts to give us their recommendations on the best travel destinations for business people.

Rachel Scott | Co-Founder and Medical Practitioner

National TASC LLC

“Traveling as a businessman with a little extra time to do some sightseeing? If this is you, then head straight to Tokyo, Japan. This city is considered the business, technology, and innovation heart of the country so you can do a lot of business here. Japanese businessmen are also very fond of collaboration with fellow businessmen, even with foreigners, so you can pitch your business startup to different investors here. The good thing about visiting Tokyo is that you will be able to see how organized their logistics are, from the ports and airports to the general processing of goods. No wonder the country is associated with quality goods and services.”

Marty Ford | President

“The best travel destinations for business people are to be found in Australia, where you can find many different types of businesses and industries. In the Australia, there are many diverse businesses and industries that cater to the needs of business people. There are restaurants and coffee shops, hotels and motels, theaters and museums, malls and shopping centers, car dealerships, and auto repair shops. The list goes on! You can find these businesses all over the country. If you are looking for a good place to work from home or even if you just want a vacation destination where you can relax after a long day’s work (which is what most business people do), then look no further than Australia.”

Tobias Handke

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“If you’re looking for a great place to network with other entrepreneurs, Seattle is a great place to go. Seattle is a great entrepreneurial hub, with many support resources for new businesses, and lots of networking opportunities. Many entrepreneurs who used to work in Silicon Valley have relocated to Seattle to take advantage of the opportunities they can find there. It’s also a great place to find young talent if that’s what you’re seeking. Of course, while you’re there, you can have some fun as well. Seattle has a vibrant nightlife scene, with jazz clubs and great restaurants to take advantage of after a day of networking with other entrepreneurs.”

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