9 Best Tips to Increase eCommerce Sales

9 Best Tips to Increase eCommerce Sales

A successful business is a business that is constantly growing, expanding, and developing its strategy, which has become important nowadays. After all, new online ventures appear every day.

On the one hand, a big competition encourages businesses to become better at what they do and create a better customer experience. But on the other hand, it becomes difficult for some businesses to grow.

Therefore, in this article, we will share some inspiring ideas that will help you grow eCommerce sales successfully.

Tip #1: Use Google Ads

It is hard to imagine a successful online business that is not using Google Ads because otherwise, how will people learn about your online business? Surely, if you just started a new business, you might not have a Google Ads account, but there is no reason to wait.

Creating a Google Ads account is free; all you will need to pay for is the ads, and it depends on you how much you want to spend on them.

Tip #2: Plan Your Keywords

One of the most important parts of a successful Google Ads campaign that can generate more profits for your eCommerce website is choosing the best keywords.

To discover the best keyword opportunities for your ad campaign, you can use online tools like Clever Ads. Also, the more different product and service categories your business has, the more you should segment these keywords to separate ad groups.

Tip #3: Use Remarketing Strategy

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Remarketing is an effective way to increase online sales because people who have already bought from your online store or have shown an interest in purchasing from you are more likely to buy from you again.

If you are sending out newsletters, you could create a remarketing campaign for those who have bought from you in the past and offer them a discount to boost sales.

Tip #4: Use Your Customer’s Voice

When you write an ad copy for a Google Ads campaign, focus not only on making it sound great and exciting but also making it more familiar to the people who may want to buy from you.

Think of your target audience when you write the ad copy to make it more relevant and understandable to them, and you will increase the number of conversions.

Tip #5: Use Keywords in Ad Copy

Your potential customers who are using Google Search to find products or services may not notice it, but they will be more likely to press on an ad and make a purchase if you use the same keywords for your ad copy that you used for your ad groups.

This way, a potential customer will find the search results more relevant if they include a word that they have used when performing the search.

Tip #6: Incorporate Social Media Into Your Ad Campaigns

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Google Ads indeed is one of the main sources that drive traffic to your online store and helps create leads. However, you should not limit your strategy to this one advertising channel.

Depending on your business niche, choose the social media platforms that best suit your business and start advertising on them because nowadays, with the Facebook shops and other news, more and more people search for products and services on social media.

Tip #7: Use Call Extensions

Not every business has discovered it, but Google Ads has some great features like Ad Extensions that can drive much more traffic to your eCommerce website.

One of such extensions is Call Extension. It narrows down the number of steps a person needs to take to accomplish the goal. In this case, it takes less time to contact your business because the ad extension adds a special button that will directly dial your number.

Tip #8: Create Added Value

As the eCommerce market gets more and more crowded, there is more competition every day. Thus, it would help if you differentiate yourself from your competitors. To do so, it is best to create added value.

Depending on your business niche, the added value could be anything. For example, if you sell complex digital tools, you could offer free online training, which will make you a more frequent choice than your competitor that does not share such learning programs. Another idea would be leveraging 3d technology, such as 3d products, before other e-commerce businesses hop on the trend.

Tip #9: Make Sure Your Website Is Responsive

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Many purchases are made using a computer, but the number of mobile purchases is growing every year. It is mostly because there are more mobile phones than there were ever before.

Also, mobile shopping growth is the result of lifestyle changes, particularly the part about how more people are in a hurry. It means people are more likely to purchase when they are standing in a line and waiting for their Starbucks coffee. Thus if your website is responsive, you will be able to reach a wider target audience.

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