4 Best Apps And Online Services For Freelancers In 2020

4 Best Apps And Online Services For Freelancers In 2020

It seems like there is an app for almost everything these days. There are applications for every generation, and every profession, which can make life much more manageable and comfortable. Similarly, many great services can make it easier to work as a freelancer. Here are the four best services that you should take a look at:

Focus Booster

Freelancers usually work on their own, which is why it can be challenging to manage time. One of the keys to being a successful freelancer is learning how to master time management.

The Pomodoro Technique has been getting more attention nowadays. It is one of the most efficient ways to work. Basically, you set a timer for 25 minutes and work non-stop without any distractions. After the 25 minutes, you get a 5-minute break to do anything. Then, repeat the process. After repeating this four times, you can get a more extended break of 30 to 60 minutes.

This app will help you do this, as well as record all of your sessions to see where you spent the most time.

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Soda PDF

Working as a freelancer, you will almost always have to handle many documents. These files can be in many different formats. However, you will have to convert it into PDF to submit the work. This includes converting Word to PDF as well. That is where Soda PDF comes in. It will help you convert any digital document into PDF format, making things much more manageable.

It also has many great editing tools that you can make use of. Other than that, you can also split any document with soda pdf if it is too large to send. This fantastic online service can also help with many other things, like signing documents on your device. You can also download the software for easy use.

Google Drive

Many major companies all over the world are making use of cloud technology to handle all sorts of things, which is why it only makes sense that you do too. There are several major cloud service providers on the internet; however, Google Drive is one of the best.

You can download the software on your computer, and it will automatically create a folder. You can easily copy and paste files onto the Drive folder, and they get quickly uploaded to the cloud. From there, it will give you easy access to share the work with anyone else or keep it safely stored. You can also access the account from any device, in any part of the world that has internet.


One of the most important things you will have to do as a freelancer is figuring out how to get paid. Invoicely is a fantastic service that you can use to create custom e-bills and e-invoices to send to your clients. You can seamlessly do this from any device, handheld or computer.

It also has an excellent feature that will allow you to create customized reports and summaries, which can help you understand your financial standing. The most significant feature of all, you can use this app to accept credit cards and other online payments.

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