15 truths about digital marketing in 15 minutes

15 truths about digital marketing in 15 minutes

Digital advertising is an essential business enterprise approach in the modern-day world. It is so highly embedded in our everyday lives in so many forms that we cannot think about the business world without digital marketing. The advertisements we see on social media and search engines, the videos ads we see on various video-sharing platforms, and the articles we read to learn more about every question of ours on our smartphones are all a part of digital marketing that considerably modified how agencies compete and stay ahead of the profit curve nowadays.

1. It’s all about making a good first impression.

Everyone in this generation uses social media and digital marketing to increase sales in a brief period. This is why every company produces such content and invests more in reaching out to people through social media. It is all about creating an impression that will entice more people to buy your product.

2. Low budgets will not get you good results

Digital advertising has ended up being so important at such a level that many businesses assume that the concepts, methods, strategies, mentioned by the new digital marketing gurus are all timeless, infallible, and genuine. It’s correct that digital advertising is an ever-changing field; What was a reality once, isn’t relevant anymore. Having said that, many business owners believe some myths that are spread wide in the digital marketing industry. Not only that, they use those strategies in their business and fail to obtain results.

The digital marketing game has notably developed during the last decade. More businesses are small or established businesses, and are incorporating digital advertising into their advertising budget. As a result, the competition has become more difficult, and organizations need to pay extra to get the same results as their competitors. Furthermore, achievement in digital advertising can only be found out if you are doing it holistically – that means taking advantage of all possible techniques in the best way as viable to reap higher effects.

From SEO, PPC, and content material advertising to video advertising, e-mail advertising, and social media advertising, today’s virtual panorama encompasses ample strategies that ought to work together to result in huge outcomes – and to accomplish the success in that manner more budget is required for digital advertising.

3. You cannot make a successful campaign without supervision and collaboration

To have a fruitful outsourced digital marketing experience, an organization needs to consider that the process has to be collaborative throughout the entire process. Outsourcing is a viable option, only if everyone brings their respective strengths to the table. Outsourced digital marketing professionals must strategize, enforce, supervise, and keep improving strategies designed to generate new business for the company using their expert knowledge, skills, and the appropriate tools.

The agency’s management must constantly mentor and monitor their employee’s work, as well as take the appropriate measures to help them develop their skills further. Finally, the client company must provide the agency with detailed knowledge about their company, product, or solution, decide on the goals of the organization and draw conclusions based on the company’s results. After all, the digital marketing agency will be promoting the organization and its brand, so it’s only logical for them to have a thorough understanding of the company’s business practices and objectives.

4. It’s never a one-size fit all campaigns

When faced with a problem, businesspeople tend to seek simple, straightforward solutions. As a result, you’ll see a lot of articles titled “the conclusive guide” or “ways to a successful campaign,” as if these pieces of content were created specifically to solve their problems.

The unfortunate reality is that there are no easy tricks to effective online marketing, let alone a multifunctional template that can be used in all digital marketing strategies together. What is available are data monitoring methods that organizations can use to gain insight about their campaigns across all channels – from SEO to social media, and make the required improvements along the way. Learning to track your analytics is essential in digital marketing if you want to maximize the potential of every digital channel you use.

5. The ROI from no strategy comes quick

Far too many businesses and marketers think that if they spend X amount of money on SEO optimization, email campaigns, or social media marketing, they will immediately see a 3x or 4x sales and profit increase. Apart from the fact that evaluating ROI is a challenge for digital marketers, achieving ROI from this strategy is also a time taking process. In most instances, the only marketing tactics that can bring near-immediate results are short-term PPC campaigns and paid ads. This apart, most types of digital marketing, such as SEO, are meant to generate long-term results and continuous benefits for the company.

6. High website traffic is desired but not always required

This is one of the myths that is easily debunked using basic logic. Assume that they take a group of 1,000 young adult men and they are put in a shop that sells teenage girl accessories and clothing. How many people do you think are likely to spend more than a few seconds in the shop, and, more importantly, who do you think will buy from the shop? In both cases, the answer is none, implying that all efforts to entice those customers to visit that shop were a waste of money and time. Having a lot of website traffic is ineffective unless it’s high-quality traffic that converts into leads. As a result, it is entirely possible to see a decrease in traffic while increasing revenue in digital marketing.

7. SEO is still very effective

There are numerous articles on the internet that all say one same thing: SEO is dead. That, however, is just not the case. SEO is far from dead, but it is constantly changing. Tactics that were effective 4-6 years ago are likely to do little more than getting your website penalized today. SEO is, in any case, as important as it has ever been. Indeed, according to the most recent GetResponse statistic featured ROI trends stating that 45% of businesses across industry segments, and 50% of those who work on advertising agencies, say SEO delivers consistently good ROI.

8. Quality over Quantity…Always

Content marketing is frequently regarded as the foundation of any digital marketing framework, which explains why many people believe that generating more content in a small period will help them earn traffic in this area. You can rely on this idea, but only if all the content you create is equally good. If not, the resources you used to create all that mediocre content will not only be wasted; it will also dump your company even deeper into the content saturation trap hole.

Combating content saturation has emerged as one of the most important concerns in digital marketing today. With that in mind, it should be obvious that to genuinely succeed in this field, one must always prioritize quality over quantity. Unless you can create phenomenal content that cuts through the clutter, creating low-quality content regularly will do more harm than good – even if your website ranks high in SERPs.

9. Always aim for a high level of consistency.

Even if the posts on social media are weaker than expected, you should always maintain a balance. However, you must stay consistent with the quality too. Posting poor content with consistency will reduce your followers and traffic. You should provide advice and keep people interested in your posts by sharing stories with them. The advice can demonstrate to others that you are an expert in your field. Include some catchy headlines and images with your tips so that people don’t get bored while reading them ( keep in mind that images speak a thousand words), or else they’ll ignore the post. If people find your posts interesting, they will spread the word or directly share it with everyone in their social circle.

10. Business friendship

People today will never allow themselves to be sold or bombarded with promotional materials, so a cordial approach is required to reach out to them. People would make decisions, and look for companies that have a good reputation and treat them as if they were good friends. You should be prepared to answer any question from customers and stay helpful to develop a business friendship with them.

11. Digital Marketing is as difficult as Traditional Marketing if not more

Digital marketing is not a silver bullet that will instantly boost your company’s competitiveness. This strategy, like traditional marketing, necessitates a substantial amount of work, much of which is remarkably technical. However, unlike traditional marketing strategies in which almost everything is based on advertising, digital marketing persists in a realm where connection, interaction, and conversation with targeted audiences and brand followers are more important – abilities that are more difficult to achieve than simply hanging a bunch of tarpaulin ads and distributing photocopied pamphlets in the physical world.

12. Views of the audience

The audience is the most valuable asset in digital marketing, and you should do everything possible to keep them with your company. You should respond to their queries more often and provide them with information that will help your company reach a large number of people. Make some useful resources that your target audience can share on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

13. Influence cannot be bought

As Jessika Phillips said, ‘You can’t buy influence. Tru, authentic community, and influence are not just for sale, it’s something you have to work for. It’s a long-end game, but trust me it works.’ We’ve all heard the old saying that money can’t buy happiness, but the same can be said for influence. That is a harsh reality. You can neither buy influence nor community. On Instagram profiles that have amassed a huge following through paid services or ‘like for a like’ can be identified from a mile away. Or the Facebook profiles that have bought followers. You have a following, but they aren’t your true community. It’s a following over which you have no control because they have not yet developed a relationship with you.

We’ve all heard the old saying that money can’t buy happiness, but the same can be said for influence. That is a harsh reality. You can neither buy influence nor community. On Instagram profiles that have amassed a huge following through paid services or ‘like for a like’ can be identified from a mile away. Or the Facebook profiles that have bought followers. You have a following, but they aren’t your true community. It’s a following over which you have no control because they have not yet developed a relationship with you.

It takes time to become influential and to build a community. I’m not talking about a month or two, but about a long time. Building a genuine community can take up to 12-18 months if you are active and tactical. We set the expectation that this isn’t going to be for sale. It’s time to begin shifting the balance away from paid ads and toward organic relationship building. When you take the time to cultivate your genuine community, they will show up for you, share your message, because they believe in what you’ve accomplished. So there you have your true authentic community and influence is not for sale; they must be earned.

14. A strategy can help you save time.

If you have a marketing strategy in place, you are already on your way to winning the hearts of millions of people all around the world. Everyone sets aside some time each day to go through their social media accounts and share things they found interesting and informative. Continue to post on social networking sites so that people can share them with their friends. To stay with the people, all you have to do is strategize your posts and keep thinking right.

15. Push-pull content Strategy

Previously, brands pushed content. Brands must now understand what is attracting audiences. What are they looking for, and how can you make sure that your brand is present in this critical moment? The majority of brand content reeks of desperation. Much of the content created for social media by marketers and businesses is done to promote the company. It is self-promotional but does not consider what the customer actually wants.

Their content is usually created for marketing purposes, not for communication or relationship development and as a result, when people see such content in their social media feeds, they scroll past it because it isn’t slightly interesting or valuable to them.


There are many more false assumptions about digital marketing out there, so it’s critical to stay up to date and knowledgeable about the latest news to avoid falling into these traps. It all comes down to making a good first impression. Everyone in this generation utilizes social media and digital marketing to boost sales in a short amount of time. This is why every business creates such content and wants to invest more in reaching out to customers via social media. It all comes down to making an impression that will tempt more people to purchase your product. It really doesn’t matter how many people follow you; what matters is how they interact with you and the impact they have. A community of 1000 passionate consumers is always preferable to a community of 100,000 contest mongers.

Make an extra effort to learn about digital marketing. And more importantly, if you are not sure that your in-house team will be able to pull it off with the required efficiency, choose a digital marketing outsourcing agency. Ideally, they should use tried-and-true strategies and can provide your clients with plausible campaign expectations.

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