10 Business Owners share their uncanny Twitter Growth Strategies

10 Business Owners share their uncanny Twitter Growth Strategies

Matt Schmidt, Burial Insurance Pro

Matt Schmidt

Our favorite strategy is to follow other Twitter accounts that are relevant to our niche, and then constantly share their content to our followers. By doing so, we can catch their attention, and open the door to having conversations about collaborating together.

By promoting a company that we’d ultimately like to advertise with, or do a guest blog post, we are doing them an immediate favor. In my experience, a company will then want to listen to our ideas on how we can work together, or market each others’ services.

The best part about using this technique is it costs zero money. It only takes a few minutes each week. Who knows what type of business can be generated in the future, and most importantly, you make relationships that last a lifetime.

Justin Herring, YEAH! Local

Justin Herring

#1: Keep it Conversational

Consumers like brands that are trustworthy, kind, and helpful. They want to know that your company is eager to provide guidance and is concerned about its customers. It’s difficult to achieve that if you’re continuously slamming your rivals.

More interestingly, the same customers who indicated they wanted online firms to be honest also stated they wanted them to be responsive.

When you take a step back and consider the image these trends paint, you’ll see a yearning for communication. You’re likely to turn folks off if you just share information about yourself or your competitors.

#2: Use Emojis Increase Engagement

Even if you don’t like emojis, they can help you improve engagement significantly. Larry Kim, an internet marketer, conducted a brief test in which he sent the identical promoted article to the same group with and without emojis. The engagement was 25.4 percent greater with the emoji version. Not only that, but when employing Twitter advertising, it was actually less expensive because Twitter rewards posts that receive more interaction.

Even a small gesture like a thumbs up might have a significant impact.

#3: View the Twitter Ads of a Competitor

Twitter now offers a “Transparency Center” as a result of new privacy and transparency rules. You have free access to all of your competitor’s Twitter advertisements!

Simply look up the brand, business, or product you want to learn more about.

Maverick, Ecommerce agency singapore Microtask.com


Twitter is a great way to connect with other people, share your thoughts and ideas, and grow your business. But if you’re not using it to its full potential, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities. Here are some tips on how to grow your Twitter following and make the most of this powerful platform.

1. Use hashtags wisely. Hashtags are a great way to reach a wider audience and connect with people who are interested in the same topics as you. But don’t go overboard - using too many hashtags can make your tweets look spammy. Try to use no more than 3 or 4 hashtags per tweet.

2. Connect with other users. Twitter is all about connecting with others. Follow people who interest you and engage with their tweets. Retweeting, favoriting, and replying to tweets is a great way to start a conversation and get your name out there.

3. Share interesting content. If you want people to follow you, you need to give them a reason to. Share interesting and valuable content that your followers will appreciate. This could be anything from blog posts and articles to images and infographics.

4. Use Twitter ads. Twitter ads are a great way to reach a larger audience and get more people to follow you. You can target your ads based on interests, keywords, demographics, and more.

5. Use Twitter Analytics. Twitter Analytics is a great tool that gives you insight into how well your tweets are performing. You can see how many people are following you, how many impressions your tweets are getting, and more. Use this information to tweak your strategy and make sure you’re getting the most out of Twitter.

Following these tips will help you grow your Twitter following and make the most of this powerful platform. Keep at it and you’ll be sure to see success.

Esther Strauss, Stepbystepbusiness

Esther Strauss

Twitter Growth Strategies

The best Twitter strategy is to post often. We post at least twice a day and try to be as engaging as possible. Visual content is very effective, as is humorous content.

Another big key to this is to not post content that’s promotional. It has to be relevant – things that people can learn from or that they’ll enjoy. In other words, it has to provide value.

Hashtags of course are important as well. They produce more engagement, and we make sure to engage back and respond as much as possible. Engagement has to be personal, so no one thinks they’re talking to a robot. In fact, I think that’s really the heart of our strategy on Twitter and on all social media. We’re not talking to prospects. We’re talking to people, and we’re talking as people. Not salespeople, just people.

You have to look at what you’re saying and ask yourself if you’d want to read it if you were on the other side. Would you care? Would it matter to you? Would it capture your attention? Put yourself in the shoes of your followers, and post accordingly. It’s a two-way conversation that you’re having, not self-promotion.

Nestor Vazquez, SEO MEXICO

Nestor Vazquez,

Try to identify a topic in your industry that is getting talked about a lot but hasn’t been represented yet in a formalized TweetChat. This is a great way to choose an appealing topic that generates interest from your target audience.

Once you’ve done this, attend a few Twitter chats that interest you and learn from what worked and what didn’t.

You can start by Determining your topic and making it the theme of your chat(s). Be sure to tweet about your upcoming chat and promote it in the days leading up to it. On the day of your chat, tweet out an introductory message letting people know what time it will start and what the topic will be. Use a hashtag for your chat so that people can follow along and join in on the conversation. Finally, be sure to tweet out a summary of the chat after it’s over.

By following these tips, you can grow your reach on Twitter and expand your business! What other growth tips do you have? Let’s talk! @seonestor

Brett, Haro Helpers


Setup notifications for mid level leaders in your industries. Stay away from the whales with millions of followers as they either won’t see your Tweet and/or will have a staff looking after their Twitter profile.

When you get a notification for a new tweet, be the first to respond. It increases the probability that they will still be online, and see your response - and even better interact with it!

As a bonus, others who follow nearly always see the first tweet so it gives you more interaction with them, as well as extending your network with like minded people.

We’ve all heard of shooting for the stars and aiming for the moon. People like Elon Musk/Bill gates won’t grow your Twitter, but the Director of Marketing at Tesla, or Microsoft PR manager might very well do ;)

Brandon Gail, BackToFrontShow

Brandon Gail

Tweet frequently, you have to be more aggressive with content posting with Twitter. According to research, the top accounts post ~12 times a week. I try to send out around 15 posts a week. The platform moves pretty quickly, so it’s better to post more than not posting enough. Of Course make sure to not overdo it, doing that might annoy your followers and will be counterproductive.

Also, try to mix up the type of content that you’re publishing. Try to post a mix of visual tweets (think pictures, memes, infographics etc.), this will help you with getting more engagement out of your current followers and this will even help with getting new followers. Including videos of how to’s is also a great idea to keep the engagement on the higher side.

I like to make sure that 70% of the tweets that I post are visual posts and not just plain text.

Garit Boothe, Garit Boothe Digital

Garit Boothe

Twitter is all about timeliness, attention-getting, and name-dropping.

Good tweeting involves more guts than it does planning. Donald Trump comes to mind.

Comment on relevant industry news. Then have something interesting to say.

For example, MarTech entrepreneur Rand Fishkin loves to bash on Google. He calls it a monopoly. He calls it greedy. When presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren bashed on the big tech companies in the Democratic presidential debates, he used that.

Most companies fail at Twitter because they’re boring. They don’t want to take risks. And they don’t interact with their customers unless it’s regarding a direct complaint.

To stand out on social media, you need to have a personality. That’s why it’s best for company founders or CEOs to go off script, without a PR team getting in the way.

Say something wacky. Offend people. Go on tangents and long rants. As long as you’re “on brand”, you can do pretty much whatever you want.

Elon Musk has gotten in a lot of trouble recently with the SEC because of his tweeting. Who cares…his companies’ stock prices go up after most of his tweets!

Just don’t be boring!

Kartik Ahuja, GrowthScribe

Kartik Ahuja

To grow and strengthen your Twitter presence, it’s important to post often and mainly at peak times.

But posting consistently on all these social media platforms can be complicated and time-consuming.

I have a solution to this that’s quick and easy:

Leverage the “Article Links to Social Media” feature by ContentStudio.

It will share articles on your account on autopilot mode.

Here you can provide your preferred topics, exact keywords, niche industry sites, and more and ContentStudio will pick up the best articles for you.

It’s more like you control the results but you don’t have to spend all day searching for the articles you really want and curate the content.

It does all the work for you: It curates the content, generates relevant captions along with other stuff (like hashtags, calls to action and much more), and then tweets the article link along with the caption from your Twitter account.

You just have to finalize the time and date of your tweets where you can add custom time slots or post on a regular intervals.

It also gives you the option to “review content before it is published”. If you tick it off, you can approve or disapprove the tweets before it gets published — ensuring only quality content is tweeted from your account.

Shaurya Jain, Attention Always

Shaurya Jain

If you ask for advice on how to grow your Twitter following you may find a lot of different answers pointing at several different things. Some may ask you to spruce up your profile; others will ask you to buy followers. There’s plenty of advice.

If you’re active on Twitter you may have observed Twitter threads. Twitter threads are a series of messages directed towards simplifying complex topics or questions.

Think of them as long-form content you see on LinkedIn. It’s a good way to break out of the 280 character limit mold and encourage plenty of discussion.

Threads are indicated by the thread emoji.

Also they are styled differently. The first tweet in the thread may start as 1/8 and the second may be 2/8 indicating the number of tweets in the thread.

These threads are a great place for you to establish your authority as a subject-matter expert. The key to growth on Twitter is the same as anywhere else. Users follow and like someone based on the amount of useful information they put out on a regular basis.

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