Head Software Engineer



12 April 2017

I’m an enthusiastic software engineer currently shaping the future of social media automation, while traveling around the world as a musician.

I’ve spent the last few years helping various companies optimize the delivery of their services and digital products as well as to enhance their online experience and web presence. This experience together with freelance work I’ve done, allowed me to acquire wide range of skills as a software developer and social media expert.

Building products from the start, working side by side with fellow developers, researching and analyzing social media techniques, and seeing how others use my designs and ideas to help them with their business is what I love the most about my job!

Apart from leading software development at Somiibo, I also produce music to explore the more creative side of my mind.

I founded Somiibo in 2017 with the goal of coalescing my skills into a project to help artists, like myself, reach a wider audience and stand out among the rest.

Either way, I enjoy what I do and you can often find me on Friday at 3 am in front of my computer working on a brand new track or a secret new feature for Somiibo! Being able to work on two things that I love at the same time–all while working along side my best friends–is truly a blessing!