Downloading Somiibo

Getting up and running with Somiibo takes only a few minutes and will save you hours of online marketing and Social Media use!


Head over to the download section and get a FREE copy of Somiibo. Somiibo is available for both Windows and Mac!


After Somiibo downloads, simply double click it and follow the instructions on screen. Somiibo may update itself when starting for the first time.


After a few seconds, Somiibo will bring ask you to login. If you are new, go a head and create an account or login if you already have one! Click the plus button at the top of the window to open a bot tab.


From here you can load any module. You'll customize your settings and then you're ready to start! Most modules will require you to login to a social media account before starting.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to use Somiibo?

Somiibo is the safest Social Media automation service on the market. Somiibo never asks you to login with your social media accounts, so these sites will never know you are using Somiibo. Additionally, we never collect or store any account information while you use Somiibo.

2. Can I use my account normally while Somiibo is running?

You are encouraged to use your account normally! Somiibo takes care of the repetetive tasks and leaves you in charge of being the creator!

3. Will Somiibo avoid offensive content?

Somiibo does its best to interact with content based on the settings you preset. The technology is not perfect, though, so some content may be interacted with.

4. When will Somiibo be out of Beta Mode?

Somiibo is still young and there is no set date for the official release.

Somiibo Blog

Somiibo always stays on top of the current best practices of social media marketing. Head over to our blog and always stay in the loop!

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