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Our Twiends point bot gets you unlimited free points on Twiends

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Somiibo is the best tool to grow your Twiends

Free Twiends bot for Mac, Windows & Linux. Get unlimited free points on Twiends! Get points and real followers for any social media platform on Twiends!


Speed and Efficiency

Somiibo earns Twiends & points quickly without compromising efficiency.



This Module uses browser trusted user-input events. Twiends thinks a real user is navigating the site and interacting with content.


Multiple Accounts

You can automate multiple Twiends accounts with Somiibo. Each Twiends Module can have its own settings and breaks!


Proxy Support

You can assign each Twiends Module instance a different proxy. Twiends will never know you run multiple accounts.



Set breaks and goals for each Twiends Module. You can control how long the Module runs for without babysitting it.


Multiple Modules

Somiibo offers multiple Modules for Twiends, each with its own purpose. Mix and match them to customize your social media marketing.

Somiibo is free. No credit card required.

How do the Somiibo Twiends Automation Tools Work?

Somiibo is a premium free Twiends bot and growth service that earns you unlimited free Twiends points. Stop wasting your time! With these free Twiends points you can get free followers on Instagram, more SoundCloud followers, never ending followers on Twitter, and unlimited Facebook likes!

Somiibo Twiends point tool includes the following modes of earning points, choose whatever mode you want!

  • Listen to SoundCloud tracks, follow artists, and like tracks
  • Follow Twitter users, retweet posts, and like tweets
  • Watch videos on YouTube, subscribe to channels, and like videos

Use artificial intelligence to grow your Twiends points automatically so you can get more followers, likes, plays, and retweets on every platform!

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Get free Twiends points

Twiends Modules

This Twiends point bot performs actions on Twiends to earn tons of points for you. Use your points to get followers, likes, and plays on any social media platform.

Somiibo has been pretty straightforward and upfront about what it is they do and what they have on offer... they do appear to follow through on promises that they make about the quality of their services.

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