Get more Points on SocialClickers

Our SocialClickers bot was designed from the ground up to get points fast

Speed and Efficiency

Somiibo generates an average of 500 legitimate points per hour with optimal settings. Botting more accounts will increase your hourly points!


This module uses browser trusted user input events. SocialClickers actually thinks a real user is navigating the site and earning points.

Multiple Accounts

You can bot multiple accounts with Somiibo. Each module can have its own settings and breaks!

Proxy Support

You can assign each bot instance a different proxy. SocialClickers will never know you bot multiple accounts.


Set breaks and goals for each bot. You can control how long the bot runs for without babysitting it.

Multiple Modules

With these free SocialClickers points you can get followers on Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook, and more!

SocialClickers Bot Modules

Each module is designed to do a specific task on SocialClickers. You can run any number of modules at a time.

SocialClickers Point Bot

This module performs actions on SocialClickers to earn tons of points for you

SocialClickers Point Bot

Get unlimited free SocialClickers Points
SocialClickers Bot dashboard

A quick look

Somiibo includes a SocialClickers point bot, and more! At our blog you can discover why Somiibo is the best SocialClickers Bot to get more followers and likes!

Every minute you're not using Somiibo is a minute away from creating great content

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How does the Somiibo SocialClickers Bot Work

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SocialClickers Bot information

Tell me about it

Somiibo is a premium free SocialClickers bot and growth service that earns you unlimited free SocialClickers points. Stop wasting your time! With these free SocialClickers points you can get free followers on Instagram, more SoundCloud followers, never ending followers on Twitter, and unlimited Facebook likes!

Somiibo SocialClickers point bot includes the following modes of earning points, choose whatever mode you want!

  • Listen to SoundCloud tracks, follow artists, and like tracks
  • Follow Twitter users, retweet posts, and like tweets
  • Watch videos on YouTube, subscribe to channels, and like videos
  • Combine this module with any other modules!

Stay ahead of the game.

Use Somiibo's SocialClickers bot and automation tool.

Somiibo Blog

Somiibo always stays on top of the current best practices of social media marketing. Head over to our blog and always stay in the loop!

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