Get Thousands of Free Proxies

Somiibo's Proxy Scraper provides a simple and effective way to scrape free proxies from the Internet.

Multiple Proxies

This tool gets thousands of free SOCKS, HTTP, and HTTPS proxies for you.


Get thousands of proxies in a matter of seconds.

Proxy checker

Each proxy is thoroughly checked for quality.

Export format

You can choose to view your proxies in CSV, Excel, Google Sheets, or a PDF!


This tools gets proxies from reliable sources without causing concern for security threats.

Endless Uses

Once you have your free proxies, you can do whatever you want with them!

Proxy Scraper Modules

The power to do so many more things with greater efficiency the tips of your fingers.

Proxy Scraper

This module lets you scrape thousands of proxies in a matter of seconds. Never waste your time manually finding proxies again!

Proxy Scraper

Have ultimate internet control
Proxy Scraper dashboard

A quick look

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a program that would let you get free proxies instantly? You can do this with the proxy scraper.

Every minute you're not using Somiibo is a minute away from making music

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How does the Somiibo Proxy Scraper Work

Discover how you can unlock freedom on the internet

Proxy Scraper information

Tell me about it

Somiibo Proxy Scraper does one thing and it does that thing very well. It searches the internet and multiple databases for the freshest, fastest, and most reliable SOCKS, HTTP, and HTTPS proxies available. This can be very useful if you manage multiple social media profiles or need to get SoundCloud plays. Using proxies makes this a breeze.

With Somiibo Proxy Scraper, you never have to pay for proxies again.

  • Scrape thousands of proxies, fast and free
  • Choose which types of proxies to get (HTTP, HTTPS, etc)
  • Export your proxies in CSV, Excel, Google Sheets, or PDF!
  • Enjoy endless uses with the proxies!

Stay ahead of the game.

Use Somiibo's proxy scraper to control the web.

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