Why Having A Dedicated Server Is The Most Suitable Solution For Your Business

Why Having A Dedicated Server Is The Most Suitable Solution For Your Business

In the world of business, your online presence is essential. With almost 3 million active businesses operating in the U.K. alone, it is easy to understand why competing services should spend time and money investing in generating traffic through online platforms.

Of course, word-of-mouth referrals are great! However, many smaller businesses and start-ups, especially during restricted socializing with the Covid-19 pandemic, are not equipped to create new business and network like it was possible beforehand. People are readying to upskill themselves to change with the times. And operating online initiates excellent opportunities for those smaller companies to get a foot in the door and compete with more well-established firms and larger entities.

With companies more focused on search engine optimization (SEO) and generating organic traffic, there has been a shift in company awareness around the importance of digital marketing. But, one of the key components of being available and dependable online is your server and domain. These should be reliable and make a good impression on users – your potential customers.

A server is a centralized resource that allows information to be served between computers, for example, within a Local Access Network (LAN). The server typically functions to allow access to files, programs, and other information that is stored on the server. These are accessed through various devices and programs. The computers to which a server serves information to are known as clients.

When clients have exclusive use of an entire server, this is known as a dedicated server. And there are many reasons your company – even if it isn’t hosting high-traffic websites right now – should be looking at getting their own dedicated server! Let’s take a look.

Having a dedicated server

A dedicated server is one of the best ways to exclusively control your web hosting. You will have the capacity to change configurations as you please, add additional software, and upgrade your security if you choose. With complete freedom to tailor your web experience to your business needs, this is especially a wonderful option for companies who are rapidly growing – or who intend to!

But, what if your company currently does not require enough storage to justify a dedicated server? Or what if your start-up cannot financially support the costs of having your own server? Consider the possibility of offering reseller hosting packages.

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Why become a reseller host?

If you’d like to control your own data, becoming a reseller host may be the perfect option for you. If you have your own server with reliable internet, you are able to white label various packages and offer them to clients under your own brand name. This means that you will act as the hosting company, but with added benefits and reduced risk.

Your clients will be smaller businesses or entrepreneurs who need access to store their files, media, and web pages. Securing storage with a dependable server can allow you to resell these packages through your hosting provider, under your brand name. But, it is important that you seek a reliable web hosting platform, as clients who you sell to should feel they are supported, and that their data is safe.

Being a reseller host is actually much simpler than you’d think, and extremely powerful. U.K. web hosting company https://www.jolt.co.uk/reseller-hosting/, maintains that when web browsers are plagued by web support that is non-existent and has unnecessary downtime during browsing sessions, users become frustrated and quickly lose interest in visiting. If this is your site, this could be detrimental to business…

Things to keep in mind

You need to make sure browsers of your platform are impressed by its layout, security, and quick response. Overall, they should get the impression that your company is one they can trust.

Make sure to find a secure hosting infrastructure, as this will protect your reputation as the web host. And with the option to become a reseller host, it also means that you can get all the benefits of having a dedicated server, but with the help of clients offsetting the financial costs. This smart way to reduce financial costs without compromising your server needs is the perfect affordable option for you and your clients.

Though it may seem complex if you are new to this idea, you are in the right place to explore some powerful advantages of becoming a reseller host. This web hosting option will still give you the flexibility you desire while allowing you to expand your business growth and capabilities in an exciting direction. In this way, you can become a business leader, helping others navigate their web hosting experience and taking your company a step further than you may have thought possible.

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