What is Premium Subscription

What is Premium Subscription

A premium subscription is a paid subscription that gives users access to all the mobile app features. The user pays a certain amount of money in exchange for the services/features provided. It is recommended to check Apple’s 2022 fiscal calendar to see the payment dates. Some of the benefits of a premium app subscription are:

  • Access to more features
  • Access to high-quality videos/shows
  • Unlimited data bandwidth
  • Priority customer care support

Apart from this, the benefits of a premium subscription also differ according to the mobile app. For instance, a premium subscription on an online streaming mobile app means access to more shows, music, and podcasts.

What Is a Basic Subscription?

Basic subscriptions are of two types: free and paid. Both of these subscriptions come before the premium subscription.

A free basic subscription is a limited-use version that allows users to enjoy the services for a while. This free basic subscription is sometimes part of a trial period. Some mobile apps also allow users to enjoy basic features in their free basic subscription forever.

A paid basic subscription has more features than the free one but less than the premium subscription. The benefits of a basic mobile app subscription are highlighted below.

  • Lets users know how to use the service
  • Offers better financial forecasting for business
  • Helps build better relationships with customers
  • Reduces the cost of acquiring new customers

Can I Try the Basic Subscription Without Paying?

Yes, you can try a basic subscription without paying if the mobile app provides a free basic subscription. This is identical to the paid basic subscription with a limited period offer. The user can upgrade to the paid version once the trial period is over.

The difference between basic vs. premium is that if a user is looking to use an app for minimal features only, they can choose to use the free basic subscription at all times without the pressure of upgrading it.

Can I Try the Premium Subscription Without Paying?

You can try the premium subscription without paying by providing your billing details. Once the trial period is over, you need to pay the designated amount either per month, three months, or yearly (or as necessary) to keep enjoying the features of a premium subscription.

You can, however, save some money if you try a long-term premium subscription for a year. If you want to try the premium subscription, we suggest using the basic premium subscription plan period, i.e., one month (with or without auto-renewal).

Can I Get a Refund for the Premium Subscription?

No, you cannot get a fixed premium refund under any circumstance. In most cases, the user has already received a trial period or a free basic subscription period to try the services. Some businesses provide a 100% money-back guarantee limited to 7 to 30 days only.

If you have a premium subscription to a mobile app and do not want to continue with it, you can downgrade it to a basic subscription in the middle of the subscription period. You may still have to pay the price for the given month, and you lose the right to use the advanced features as well.

Can I Get a Refund for a Paid Basic Subscription?

No, you cannot get a refund for paid basic subscriptions in general. You can only choose to stop the auto-renewal of a paid basic subscription.

Even if you stop the auto-renewal, you still have to pay for the period you have chosen the paid basic subscription for, whether it’s a one-month, 3-month, or yearly plan. Once the subscription period is over, you can stop using the paid basic subscription.

The reason for non-refund policies is that mobile apps give users the opportunity to check out their app through the free version. The free basic subscription acts as a reflection of the mobile app the user can experience in the paid or premium subscription.

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