Video Editing Tools: a Game - Changer for Online Video Campaigns

Video Editing Tools: a Game - Changer for Online Video Campaigns

We’d all be employing Martin Scorcese to direct our online video campaigns if we could. Still, in the actual world, most marketers must figure out how to produce great video content with not-so-great budgets. The good news is that you can create the videos of your dreams thanks to the abundance of free video editing software available online.

The in-app editing facilities occasionally fall short of your needs, whether you’re producing films for YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook Reels, or Twitter. To help you create more engaging material, we’ve put together this super-list of the greatest third-party video editing software.

With this video editing software, you may create a mini-masterpiece using your original content or stock video footage.

What is video editing software?

Video editing software is any computer program or mobile application that enables you to edit one or more video files.

Using video editing software, it is possible to shorten video clips, group or rearrange video clips, modify audio or visual components, and add effects or sound effects.

A full-length feature film can be edited using video editing software, or you can just change a video’s specifications to fit a certain social media site.

Although they are extremely simple tools, TikTok and Instagram Reels’ creation modes are video editing modes. Before publishing videos to social media, more complex edits can be made with more capable free or commercial video editing tools. The majority of videos that you see on social media have undergone some sort of alteration with video editing software. The creator of the video might have edited it, combined several scenes, or applied filters or effects.

Is free video editing software good enough?

It depends on what you want to accomplish! Free video editing software is more than adequate in 90% of social media scenarios.

Any free video editing apps we mention allow you to combine video clips, adjust visual and audio elements, and crop videos to the appropriate platform dimensions.

Most likely, it will be all you require to produce a social media video that captivates and entertains your target audience.

A premium video editing program may be necessary if you’re a professional videographer, but for the majority of users and businesses, free video editing software provides more than enough capabilities. What exactly have you got to lose by checking out a free program, after all? We won’t be offended if you decide to treat yourself to Final Cut Pro if you don’t like it.

Best free video editing software for 2023

While every tool on the list of free video editing programs below is excellent for creating material for social media, there are, of course, some restrictions with free software, such as a lack of capabilities, watermarks, or in-app advertisements.

However, we’ve tried to compile a list of the most practical, least intrusive solutions here, and to be honest, these 8 winners make it difficult to understand why anyone would pay for a full-priced video editing tool at all.

#1 Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor has established a strong presence in the world of multimedia software, with a keen focus on simplicity and user-friendliness. This easy-to-navigate tool comes loaded with comprehensive features, making it an ideal choice for beginners as well as seasoned editors seeking a more streamlined workflow.

woman on computer

The interface, reminiscent of the classic timeline editing style, is intuitive and not intimidating, ensuring you get the hang of it in no time.

Unlike some other tools, Movavi doesn’t sacrifice capability for simplicity. It offers a broad range of editing features, from basic cut, trim, and merge functions to a suite of effects and filters that can elevate your video from ordinary to extraordinary. The audio editing options are equally impressive, with capabilities for adjusting frequency, normalizing audio, and even removing noise.

Movavi also shines in terms of versatility, with support for a multitude of file formats. Its screen recording feature is a handy inclusion, especially appreciated by tutorial creators and gamers. With Movavi, you can easily transform your raw footage or screen recordings into polished videos ready for sharing.

While the software operates smoothly even on less powerful computers, the trade-off comes in the form of limited export options in the free version — primarily exporting up to 720p. However, the sheer ease of use and powerful editing capabilities make this video editor by Movavi a strong contender in the realm of video editing software. As you master the basics, you might find yourself considering an upgrade to the paid version for even more possibilities.

#2 iMovie

Given that it comes pre-installed on all Apple products, this is the standard video editing program for Mac users. Even if there are only two video tracks that may be used, it is highly user-friendly and easy to get started. Thus, there is beauty in its simplicity. Investigate the app’s respectable array of pre-set filters, transitions, and title options to make your video look polished quickly.

The editing toolkit is simple, but it includes all the essential features you could ever need, like clipping and chopping, color correction, background noise reduction, and stabilization for shaky footage. Thanks to the iTunes interface, you can import tracks from your music library or add sounds from the royalty-free audio and SFX collection.

Not having enough time to produce the ideal video? Use the Magic Movie feature in the most recent version to let AI make all of the decisions for you.

One of iMovie’s best advantages is the fact that it never nags you to upgrade to a premium edition. Upselling is not offered; you receive what you see.

Not a Mac fan? A good option for free video editing software for PC users is Windows’ built-in video editor, which provides the majority of the same functions.

#3 Lightworks

You can rely on Lightworks’ exceptional polish, given that it has been around for more than 30 years. The King’s Speech was edited using Lightworks, the industry standard for professional editing software, in case Colin Firth’s presence affects your decision.

Although there is a somewhat steeper learning curve than with iMovie, if you watch the orientation video, you’ll be up and running in no time. Professional editors like keyboard controls and cutting tools that are designed to manage large volumes of content. The color-correcting options and built-in video effects are highly impressive and unconstrained, even for free users.

Thanks to its extensive timeline, instant autosave, and background processing, it is a very useful tool for finishing your movie as soon as possible and releasing it to the public. The only limitation of the free version is that you may only export in 720p at maximum quality in MP4 or YouTube- or Vimeo-specific formats.

#4 DaVinci Resolve

Would you like to use “Emmy award-winning image technology?” Doesn’t everyone? The best free video editing program for you is definitely DaVinci Resolve. Due to its cloud-based workflow systems, DaVinci is particularly beneficial for remote collaborations.

screenshot of website

Fans also appreciate DaVinci’s user experience (UX) design, which is organized into “Pages,” allowing users to focus on a certain aspect of the editing process at a time. When trimming, start on the ‘Cut’ page.

After you’re done, switch to the “Color” tab to tweak the shadows and tones. There are several different formats available on the ‘Media and Delivery’ page, so you may even publish directly to Twitter.

Before you click “download,” be sure your hardware can handle this powerful utility because it requires a strong computer.

#5 Clipchamp

Microsoft purchased Clipchamp, a free online video editing tool, so you know they must be doing something right. The templates and user-friendly interface, which were created specifically for content creators, make it simple to whip up social media videos and don’t require you to take up all of your hard drive space.

You may get both free and paid stock material (video and audio!) directly from Clipchamp, so if you’re lacking the final shot to finish your amazing TikTok epic, you can easily find a suitable alternative. Make your video according to the social media requirements you select.

#6 HitFilm

HitFilm is renowned for its speed. The user-friendly interface allows you to cut, copy, slice, and sync with no lag; according to claims, it exports twice as quickly as rivals and plays back eight times as quickly.

Use drag-and-drop transitions and ready-to-use presets to quickly produce content of professional quality with these simple but incredibly effective tools. Sound alterations are simple thanks to auto audio sync.

If you want to go that far with your social video editing, lighting effects are also a good addition: light leaks and glows give footage a theatrical vibe.

#7 Shotcut

Shotcut is a free program for individuals to use to edit videos that is open-source and cross-platform. It does imply that it occasionally has bugs, but overall, it’s a fairly reliable piece of software that appears on practically all lists of the “Best Video Editing Software” available.

Shotcut supports hundreds of video and audio codecs, making it immensely helpful for integrating various files. Collecting all the elements for your amazing social video is simple with drag-and-drop file management.

#8 VideoPad

Although the website has an oddly antiquated aesthetic, VideoPad’s usefulness cannot be disputed. VideoPad was created with simplicity in mind. You’ll be able to jump right in and finish making your video in a dream world. (The creators assert that it is the fastest tool available.) The program has more than 50 effects and transitions and supports more than 60 different video formats. Users may use templates to quickly create special content, such as title text animations, or record narrations directly in the program.

You can quickly share your video online or instantly publish it to YouTube using the available desktop and iOS export options.

Wrapping Up

There is no watermark on any of the list of our top free video editing programs that we have provided above.

Review the remaining 10 choices for free video editing software to be able to edit without worrying that a strange visual signature would ruin your creation when you attempt to export it.

Naturally, producing engaging social media content requires more than just possessing the appropriate tools and abilities for video production. Your message, as well as your videography abilities, are important. So, keep that in mind, and happy editing!

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