The Benefits Of Video Production For Your Company's Online Presence

The Benefits Of Video Production For Your Company's Online Presence

Staying competitive means utilizing all the available marketing tools at hand to generate more traffic and widen your customer base. Of course, these marketing tools have become versatile due to the digital age and the rising influence of social media platforms. These same tools have also contributed wildly to the rise of companies and their fall, as many failed to accept this new reality. One way to spread awareness of your brand is through the use of videos. Their presence and use have been known to us since the spread of televisions across homes, and their effectiveness has stayed more or less the same. In the text below, we’ll discuss some of the benefits video production can bring to your company.

First a little introduction. Why are videos so effective in transmitting a certain message? Well, the short answer is that our brains are more responsive to live action than they are to text or pictures. Live movement entertains our brains far more as it requires less focus yet transmits the same message. This had been established long ago, allowing the rise of commercial culture and the spread of brands rapidly. Let us discuss the benefits it can bring to your business.

Generating more traffic

Search for anything and you’ll have three options: the front page (text), pictures, and next to it, videos. The chance of generating more traffic on your website is much higher if you have video material available to lead customers to you. It can be anything from DIY to a short introduction to your brand, service, or product. Whatever the case, you’ll have a better chance of drawing potential customers if you have video material with short descriptions. Once they click on the video, they’ll explore other parts of the website and maybe even purchase the goods you offer. Even without buying, you still have more visitors than before. And with social media platforms having the option of “sharing,” you’ll triple your chance at spreading awareness, as a like there and a share here can improve your chance of becoming more popular.

Every mobile phone user is well-acquainted with the struggle of reading texts on a small screen. No matter how big the next iPhone is going to be, reading on any device the size of your palm can be challenging. That’s why most mobile phone users look for videos to satisfy their curiosity. With video materials, you’ll speak to a whole audience. Of course, the videos have to be of top quality for a better experience. For this purpose, we advise looking for video production services offered by professionals with experience and the needed equipment. Believe us, the prices are not as high as you might have imagined, as the technology is now more widely available and cheaper than before. A production team can give you some guidelines and suggestions as they’ve worked on dozens of different projects. Yes, you could do it on your own, but the quality, the colors, the picture, the resolution, and the overall end product wouldn’t be as near as perfect as the one done by a team of experts. Therefore, first, it helps you draw the attention of a wider audience, and second, if done right, it can help your brand and company in ways unimaginable.


As mentioned before, the psychology behind videos is quite clear. But, what we forget to mention is the dopamine release. Dopamine is a strong and addictive hormone we naturally produce. Its effects are clear to most of us; a general feeling of enthusiasm and happiness are the trademarks of dopamine. And, according to studies, the most effective way to realize dopamine is by looking at instant videos packed with information in a conceptual way. Reading a text takes time, and looking at a picture is yet another set of cognitive functions, but looking at short videos equals immediate dopamine release, and while “high” on dopamine, your customers might react quickly and even make the purchase.

person filming


You’ll speak to your audience

With videos, you’ll narrow the gap between you and your customers, creating a closer and more intimate relationship with your followers. Video material allows you to send a clear message and makes it possible for your customers to listen to and hear directly from you what you want to share. Promoting new products and giving new instructions regarding their use is much better done with videos. Even services are better understood when explained by you instead of in text form. It can change the way your customers look at the brand.

With this said, the only thing left to do is take a pen and paper and think of the many ideas you have regarding your new videos.

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