Thanksgiving Promotions: How to Drive Traffic to Your Site During the Holidays

Thanksgiving Promotions: How to Drive Traffic to Your Site During the Holidays

Everyone appreciates busy holidays, whether they are customers or company owners. People can only take a break, unwind, and spend time with their loved ones during this season of the year. Holiday shoppers also view this as the ideal time to shop for discounted goods and save more money while making purchases. The arrangement benefits both companies and customers. The finest time to make sales is around the holidays, which are utilized by many business owners. So let’s go right to the simple Thanksgiving marketing ideas and strategies for increasing holiday traffic to your website.

Easy Steps to Drive Traffic to Your Website

It’s always tough to get ready for the holiday. Due to the huge volume of online shoppers, it is a challenging task for business owners. Many individuals will reward themselves by going on vacation, spending a lot of money on presents, or working hard. This will be both a fantastic opportunity and a struggle for the entrepreneur.

It’s never too early to start campaigns for the winter holidays. It’s essential to start planning before the winter season if you want to increase holiday traffic to your website. Just observe the expansion of the holiday seasons. I went into a neighborhood “big box” shop in October, and the outside area had already started to sell Christmas lights, trees, and decorations.

Additionally, “Cyber Monday” in 2018 generated approximately $8 billion in online purchases. Could it be that number keeps rising every year? We believe there is a good chance that it will. Also, keep in mind that Cyber Monday occurs about a month before Christmas.

It’s questionable whether we require access to a plastic Christmas tree in stores in October or a sizable online sale a few days after Thanksgiving, but the sooner you can begin holiday planning for your website, the better.

  1. Set your business goals

Knowing your goals is the best thing you can do to get your website ready for holiday website visitors. What outcomes do you ultimately hope to achieve? Do you want certain goods to be purchased by holiday or new visitors? Maybe all you want to do is increase blog traffic, which usually drops off over the holidays. Realistic outcomes will result from setting the proper goals for a small firm. You must take the appropriate action if you want to boost holiday website traffic or market your business to a larger audience.

It will be easier to concentrate your efforts if you are aware of your desired outcome. Additionally, it will assist you in avoiding investing time or resources in modifications or strategies that don’t advance your sales.

2. Learn from mistakes

Look at what other websites in your niche are doing to get visitors over the holidays. Look at why they’re doing well in search results for terms associated with holidays, and see if you can employ similar strategies to improve prospects for your website.

Naturally, we are not referring to outright copying from other websites. but rather by studying what makes them appear higher in search results and then improving upon it.

Additionally, find some file reports on how your company performed throughout the busy holiday season last year. You may have reported in a file on sales, new clients, website traffic, etc. Review your website and determine what needs to be improved. Identify the goods that sold out rapidly or the sites that received the greatest traffic. By doing so, you may increase supplies and improve online content.

3. Get Your Website a New Look

It’s a good idea to give your website a new design. Watch for fresh landing page layouts that can reassure your customers over the Christmas season. It’s an additional method to thank your regular customers and welcome new ones. It is the holiday season, after all. For online storefronts, personal portfolios, commercial websites, and other uses, Strikingly offer more than one hundred creative templates. You do not need to become a programmer. Just configure your website expertly. Additionally, updating and editing a website is absurdly simple.

4. Reuse and recycle

Even if an item is a few years old, you may still highlight it and try to increase traffic to it. Take advantage of the fact that articles with a holiday subject are typically more timeless than other articles by looking over your website to see what may be recycled.

The same goes for product spotlighting. We naturally prefer to concentrate on the more recent items since they may appear more relevant or interesting, but tried-and-true products and consistent sales can also be given a little more attention.

5. Send Out Holiday Newsletter

Not only are newsletters used for updates. It is also a wonderful way to welcome members on special occasions. A large number of people could take some time off from work. They have time to read emails because of this. It’s OK to believe that the majority of people do not read newsletters. Who knows, though? Instead of a boring holiday greeting, choose a subject that will capture their attention, and they might click to open it. Just give them what they want to see, that’s all. Create a brief newsletter for your clients and send them some fun freebies.


In conclusion, the advice we’ve given you will help you get ready for the holiday website visitors. Be aware that our website’s successful users have used these helpful tactics. Spend some time deciding what you want your website to achieve. Examine what went right or poorly during the holidays last year.

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