Social Media Domination: How to Get Loads of Customers from Social Media Sites

Social Media Domination: How to Get Loads of Customers from Social Media Sites

A whopping 10 million…that’s the number of active advertisers Facebook has right now, according to Statista.

The figure is a dead giveaway of how social media sites can be a goldmine for companies looking to win new customers.

And since your target audience is hanging out on social media sites, that’s also where you ought to be.

This guide is very specifically crafted to help you fish for clients on social media sites.

If you follow the steps in this guide, you’ll have a handful of go-to, actionable strategies you can implement to get new customers effectively.

Let’s hop right in.

What exactly does “carefully crafted content” mean?

The shape of your content piece will vary depending on its purpose. But for the most part, carefully crafted content pieces should have a check mark if you were to peg them against this list:

  • Does it address your reader’s problems?
  • Are your tips or advice clear and actionable?
  • Is your content punchy and exciting to read? (If it’s boring, it’ll only be ignored even though it’s packed with helpful, actionable tips.)
  • Is the content format palatable to your readers? (If your audience wants videos, don’t send them long-form articles.)
  • Is your content free of grammatical/typographical errors? (Having too many of these errors will make your readers question the credibility of your tips and advice.) If you’re new to producing content, don’t fret.

There are guides about content writing best practices that you can follow to create compelling social media content even though you’re new to content development.

Consider using these tools to improve the quality of your content pieces:

  • Grammarly. Check for typos and grammar errors. The app also offers suggestions to improve the quality of your write-ups.
  • Hemingway Editor. The software helps make your write-ups bold and clear, making them easier and more pleasant to read.
  • CoSchedule’s headline analyzer. Plug your headline into CoScheduler’s analyzer, and it’ll show a headline score and some suggestions on how to improve your headline.

If you don’t have the time to create content, there are affordable yet high-quality writing services you can employ.

Working with third-party content creators allows you to leverage the skill and expertise of seasoned content creators while you focus on growing your business.

2. Distribute your content aggressively

Creating high-quality content for your social media pages is crucial, but very few people will view it if you don’t distribute your content aggressively.

You don’t want that, of course.

You want every single piece of social media content you produce to have the widest possible reach so you can increase your customer base.

Distribute your content aggressively by using these tips:

  • Publish your content pieces on various social media sites. Remember to tweak your content based on the dynamics of the social media platform.
  • Comment on other relevant social media posts while linking to your content piece.
  • Create multiple pieces of content out of one post. For example, if you posted an infographic with 10 data and statistics about your industry, turn each statistic into its own post so you end up with ten more posts.
  • Republish your post on a different date. Not everyone will see your post when it goes live; it makes sense to republish it.

Streamline your content distribution initiatives by using reliable distribution software.

With the right content distribution tool, you can:

  • Schedule your content pieces to go live on strategic/optimized times
  • Collect and study data on how your content pieces performed
  • Post on several social media sites from a single platform
  • Republish your posts automatically

3. Use tried and tested social media marketing strategies

Not all social media marketing strategies are created equal.

Some get meaningful results while others, hands down, flop.

Get more of the former by using the strategies below:

  • Use Instagram poll questions to generate engagement.Asking poll questions is a great way to entice your audience to interact with you andshare your content. If you’re out of poll ideas, Vista Social published a post with truckloads of Instagram poll questions that you can copy and paste.
  • Offer giveaways. Everyone loves giveaways! You can bet your audience does, too. When offering giveaways, make sure your giveaways are enticing to your audience. They don’t have to be expensive; they just have to be relevant and useful.
  • Run contests. Contests are fantastic since they’re fun and exciting. Don’t make the contest entry mechanics long and complicated to influence people to join your contests. The quicker and easier they can enter your contests, the better. SunRype USA ran a contest and generated more than 30,000 shares!
Instagram post


4. Make your customer onboarding frictionless

Don’t turn off your prospective customers by making your customer onboarding process longwinded and complicated.

Make your onboarding workflow straightforward, frictionless, and as painless as possible.

Not many companies are too mindful of their onboarding process, so they lose customers needlessly—even after they invested time and resources in creating and distributing content.

For the most part, you can simplify your process just by using a dependable customer onboarding tool.

Most customer onboarding software is packed with templates, alerts, and follow-ups that you can use to automate your onboarding process.

However, if you don’t have a customer onboarding software and are doing things manually, consider following these tips:

(Quick note: Depending on your business type, some of the points below might not be relevant to you.) * Send your welcome email

  • Set clear expectations
  • Send a contract
  • Send an invoice and automate your invoice follow-ups
  • Send a comprehensive questionnaire (e.g., ask for their log-ins, goals, targets, buyer persona, etc.) The points above are far from being complete; however, those are absolute musts for your customer onboarding process.

To keep up with growing sales, it is critical to simplify the invoice creation process. This is where an invoice template pdf comes in handy, as it allows you to send invoices to consumers in a matter of seconds while being wholly functional and effectively collecting money in the most efficient manner.

Also, remember to create templates for your contracts, invoices, questionnaires, etc., to cut the hours you spend creating them for each of your new clients.

What’s next?

Follow the tips above to generate leads and sales from your social media marketing initiatives.

You don’t always need to spend truckloads of cash and hours upon hours on social media just to win new businesses.

With the right strategies, you can get meaningful results and start closing new deals effectively.

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