Relevant Niches for Global Edtech Projects and Startups

Relevant Niches for Global Edtech Projects and Startups

Relevant Niches for Global Edtech Projects and Startups

Edtech is a fast-growing industry that offers educational opportunities for both students and educators. It’s no surprise that there are a lot of global edtech education startup ideas to enhance the quality of learning. It’s expected to grow over time and have more diversified markets.

Edtech ideas are the best solution for promoting the development of the educational sector at different levels. This is only possible with the right business models. It requires quality information, analysis, and sound decisions considering global trends.

In this article, you will learn more about the current edtech trending niches.

The Current Edtech Niches to look out for

Global edtech startups have been growing rapidly due to the proliferation of new ideas and innovations. But with so many new projects in the space, it can be difficult to keep up with what’s happening—and the ones that are worth your time and money. The following are the trending global edtech niches to look out for.

Writing Assistants

This has been one of the fastest-growing niches in terms of student demand and the use of technology. Writing assistants connect students with professionals who can help them in their academics. This includes areas like technical research, controversial essays, reports, or other writing assignments. It is a great option for a student unfamiliar with controversial essays or another new field difficult to write on.

This niche helps students in getting the best experience possible when it comes to writing. This gives them access to several tutors, tools, and software that aid quality writing. It also helps students with no access to a teacher at home or who need extra grammar, spelling, or punctuation support.

Interactive Learning

This is one of the best edtech startups influencing education in the world today. It makes students learn and develop new skills in an engaging and interactive way. These could be through instruction-based learning, simulation programs, gamification, and virtual reality. It makes education more fun for students.

This niche is all about using technology to engage learners in more active, collaborative ways. It can help them learn faster and retain what they’ve learned.

Assessments via AI

These are assessments that use AI to grade students’ work and determine whether they passed or failed the course. It is usually completed by an instructor, who then grades it using AI algorithms. This helps determine whether the student received a passing grade.

This type of assessment does not use human intervention outside of grading (except when creating the AI algorithm). The technology is user-friendly and easy to use by students of all ages, whether they’re brand new to edtech or have been using it for years already.

Assistive Technology

This niche is also growing because many students with disabilities lack access to technology. They need to have a way of using it independently to read books and work on assignments at home or school. Assistive technology allows disabled students to use computers and other devices. So they can complete their work without assistance from others (such as teachers).

It includes everything from adaptive equipment. Disabled people can navigate their computers without relying on sound or visuals alone. Some of these technologies include Braille printers and adaptive software, like screen readers.


Students and other academic stakeholders share information through letters before the Internet. This can take weeks and months to get delivered, contributing to students’ failure due to a lack of proper information. As a result, students rarely assist each other academically due to needing help keeping in touch.

But now, teachers and students can connect via video or voice calls so that they can work together on projects and assignments. This is a profitable startup e learning niche for all educational stakeholders. It allows them to collaborate with other educators across schools and colleges.


Edtech is the recruit in the education sector, aiming to improve learners’ efficiency and quality of education. Thus, it is not a surprise to see the developing trend of edtech companies with their high value-adding solutions in this new market. In such fierce competition, edtech startups should be aware of their target niche.

The growth of Edtech is rapid. This is one of the reasons it is adopted by educators and students looking for different ways to increase the learning experience in their classrooms. The current edTech niches have been identified in this article, and it is time to see what they have to offer.

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