Incorporating Social Media into Your Business Marketing Strategies

Incorporating Social Media into Your Business Marketing Strategies

Nowadays, every business marketing strategy should involve social media in one way or another. But how do you go about it? Do you go for the authentic approach? Or keep the spotlight on the product? Do you go for engagement or followers? A little bit of both? We’re going over the types of marketing strategies that can be injected with a good dose of social media for a boost and the tactics that will help you push your message. Take a look at our suggestions for social media marketing on your business strategies.

The beginning point of any marketing strategy is to locate and understand your demographic. Who your target audience is will dictate every other decision in your marketing campaign and by extension your online presence in search engines. By understanding this, you’ll know what tools social media and other marketing assets can offer that fit the message you’re going for and how to use them better.

Infiltrate a niche

Nowadays, thanks to algorithms, the internet is less of a stew pot of different people and more segregated based on demographic factors of the day. Those factors could be political, social, or sheer hobbies and interests. If Reddit hadn’t already, BookTok proves that these people are dedicated audiences that are looking to soak up more of what they want. So, if you have identified a certain group as a good match for your marketing demographic, how do you then infiltrate that group?

With micro influencers. These are smaller influencers but they have the ear of the group they lead. Their audience is dedicated because they are “just like them” and they have risen to the top probably due to being even more dedicated with their posting. They are prime for affiliate marketing that gets better results than an internet big name influencer.

Grow engagement

Social media has made it easier than ever to gain feedback from your audience. Even if you don’t ask, they will give you their opinions, via comments, DMs, etc. But you can also prompt conversation in a lot of ways. Encourage user-generated content with a spotlight on your channel. Ask for opinions on inconsequential things, like pineapple on a pizza, if you have a light hearted brand, or for ideas for improvement if you have a more serious brand. Take polls. Or use curated content from other professionals to share audiences.

Make things more convenient

If you are a small business, the main benefit of the internet and social media is to make your life a lot easier. It just so happens that a lot of the same features that allow your life to be easier are also a lot easier for customers. For example, you can build a business website and fill it full of features that help you out, like booking forums to get you off the phone so much and menus and price lists to avoid phone calls and visits for quick questions. A social media presence can only do so much, but if you want a more hands-off approach to customer service, you’d be better off making a business website.

Aim for authenticity

Studies have shown that the number one thing Gen Z is looking for in branding is authenticity. It’s a vague concept when put into practice and it more indicates what Gen Z is no longer looking for: the polished, perfect, photoshopped influencer nor the corporate overlord they think is responsible for destroying the economy and the Earth.

Whether you agree, there is definitely appeal in putting forward a more “real” presence on social media. Short-form video content is particularly useful for this. Use it to catch little snippets of your business: your team hard at work, or sharing a fun moment, how things are done at the company, etc. it’s a little effort that goes a long way.

Showcase the product

If you are a B2B company, it’s likely you’ll be trying to keep away from the homey, authentic, “real” image and instead lean into professionalism as a message to other professionals. Even if you aren’t there might be some use in our ideas. Focusing on the product can always be prompted with reviews, be they critical reviews or customers reviews. You can incorporate them into images and promos for your social media channels and ask for new ones via your engagement on these channels.


People forget that, to a marketer at least, a social media platform is a tool, and it’s actually about how you use the tool that will affect your marketing campaign. And since everything else in a marketing campaign is decided by the demographic and the message you are trying to get across, how you use the various tools that social media gives you should be treated in the same way.

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