How To Write Compelling PPC Ads

How To Write Compelling PPC Ads

When thinking about launching a successful pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaign, there are several boxes you’ll need to tick. Some will include your campaign’s structure, targeting options, ad groups, keywords, etc. You must focus on elements vital to your campaign’s success, such as your conversion rate, quality score, and the works.

However, it can be easy to overlook one of the most central aspects of your PPC Ads go without optimization; your ad copy!

The average Google user will spend roughly 3.4 seconds on the first five search results. With this in mind, it becomes clear that your success will not merely be based on ad rank and other factors. Once you rank well, your copy can cut through the competition in that restricted timeframe. This also applies even if your site doesn’t rank well. Hence, you have to make an impression on your prospective customer.

Fortunately, you can partner with a digital marketing agency that knows how to connect all the dots for you. But before that, here are some of the bases you need to consider to help you write a good PPC ad:  

Research Your Competition

Don’t start your writing process if you haven’t studied your competition yet. You should be able to identify who you are truly up against, assess their strategies and modify yours if necessary. An excellent ad copy cannot be divorced from the offer it is advertising, so as you refine your offer, you are also making strides toward improving your copy.

The competition for PPC ads may tend to broaden in comparison to running a print ads campaign. In a digital space, if you sell shoes, your competition isn’t limited to retail stores selling similar products. You may find yourself squaring up with discount stores, custom shoe designers, department stores, and many others for ad space.

Know who else your potential customer may see if they punch in the five keywords that are doing well according to your metrics. You have a chance of doing even better in the areas where demand has already been proven. And Ad copy is about optimizing and leaning into human psychology to help nudge them toward the desired action.

Remove All Clutter From Your Ads

Ad space is expensive. It gets even more costly when you stray from the user’s search intent. If you notice a common pain point among users who query the same keywords, try to make sure your ad addresses that intent. Any word you include that doesn’t help you achieve this must be removed. Remember, your reader is likely doing other things online and will only rush past your ad if you make it compelling by speaking to their exact need. Pin their needs down, and use them to help you remove any unnecessary information from your writing.

Create Benefits-Driven Headlines

Your headline is likely what a reader will encounter most about your ad. Therefore, make that stand out as best as you can. Your best chance of achieving this is remembering that your product’s features, as awesome as they may be, are less likely to drive the sales you hope for.

Most sales aren’t made to the brain but to the heart. Features are brain-centric, and a headline that leads with logic is subtly inviting skepticism. Meanwhile, appealing to the heart can help you sway your market segment more effectively and quickly. It’s because the efficiency of PPC Ads relies on speed.

When creating headlines, ask how quickly they can connect to your audience to keep them engaged. Consider including the keywords trending in your headline to ensure it’s relevant and that there is a better chance of a good click-through rate (CTR).

Create a Unique Selling Proposition

Of course, there are businesses that sell products that are almost similar to yours. So, in order to stand out from a saturated industry, you should highlight why customers should buy from you instead. Emphasize the extension of what your offer. Your meta description is the perfect place for you to tell your audience what makes you unique.

If everyone is offering a 5% discount in your field, then at some point, the discount stops being a perk but a requirement. So, avoid the rabbit hole of chasing after every bit of bonus your competition offers. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider leveling up with the competition. There are other surefire ways to gain a competitive edge.

You should lead your competition by offering something so unique to you that a customer can stop in their tracks and immediately realize why they need to buy from you and not just anyone with the same product. That is your unique selling point. Find it and learn how to deliver it with a concise yet striking message. Take note that there will be a character limit in this part of your ad. Once you do, highlight it in your ad to make it easy for your reader to see, even while skimming.

Craft A Clear Call To Action(CTA) Your CTA is your grand exit. Make it punchy and direct. An excellent ad can be sabotaged by a CTA failing to state its purpose. A compelling CTA has to tell the reader the end goal of clicking on your link. This means simply writing “click here” won’t cut it. If they are going to land on a registration page, then you could use “Register” as your CTA. If you direct them to your contact page, maybe ask them to “Call” in your call to action. It’s not rocket science at all, but it’s still about precision!


So much goes into a compelling PPC ad, and you need to fulfill all the varying requirements to write one. Once you have the copy side of your ad nailed, you can move on to other parts, such as how to structure your ad groups, which you will target, and even your ad spend. You may have created for yourself a fully oiled campaign.

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