How to Travel the World and Get Paid to Do It

How to Travel the World and Get Paid to Do It

The idea of traveling the world has always been glorified, especially since it was an unattainable dream to the many. Here’s the thing though, traveling to multiple destinations isn’t as impossible as one would imagine. It might seem that way because it doesn’t follow the structure that we’re most familiar with, which is the classic 9-5 job. It makes sense, though; if we want a new lifestyle, it will naturally have its own structure.

Traveling doesn’t have a fixed system, but it does have a fixed component - money. You’ll need to fund yourself in a way where you always have enough to hop from one place to another. To always have cash available, you’ll probably do one of two things: have a job that takes you everywhere or works on the side.

Teaching English

One of the easiest jobs that you can pick up is teaching, especially teaching English as a Second Language. Of course, you’ll need to take a few courses that will inform you about the art of teaching. These courses will make you a more viable candidate for any school that you apply to. This job will allow you to travel around; you’ll be a teacher by day and a tourist by night. You’ll also get to meet a lot of people, which is another advantage. You’ll get to know the people of the country that you’re visiting, and you’ll be introduced to a new culture.

List your House

If you don’t want to work while traveling, then you might want to have another source of money that will fund these travels. Consider listing your house on Airbnb or any other short-term property rental platform. This is an easy way to support your trips because while you’re out there going from adventure to another, you’re also making extra money on the side from tourists who are staying in your house. If this idea is foreign to you and you’re not sure how to list your home, then click here to read more about the topic so that you can have all the information you need. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a house. It could also be a room in the house. Yes, you can list your room to people, and you’ll still be making some money.


Another fun way to make money is to become a travel guide. This job will allow you to meet different people from several countries and cities. It’s also a great source of extra cash. You can start by picking your own place, the one that you’ll be introducing tourists to, and then start making plans for it. Think about what tourists would like to see or will be fascinated by. Try to make this as informative and interesting as possible to build a reputation and a decent following. You can also earn a certificate and become an actual tour guide if you know about the city, its history, architecture, and so on.

Graphic Design

With the rise in freelance and remote work, the graphic design field has also adapted itself. Today, graphic designers work from across the world to deliver work to clients at the other end of the globe. If you are someone looking for creative work then participating in graphic design contests is one way to do this sitting at any remote café or locality. It’s a great side hustle that doesn’t need any commitment of staying in one place yet allows you to earn a decent income while you explore the world.

Earth with buildings


Are you familiar with Instagram pages that post pretty pictures of several cities and islands? Well, these aren’t just pretty pictures for the sake of likes. It can actually become a job; welcome to a blogger’s life. Blogging isn’t a standard job, and it’s more like freelancing because, well, you’re your own boss. This job is based on you entertaining your viewers or at least introducing them to something that is worth their time. Try your best to find something exciting enough that will attract viewers to your page. You also need to be present on every social media platform because the higher your viewership is, the more money you’ll be able to make. You can post videos about your travels, your day-to-day life, weird things that you’ve encountered, and much more.

If traveling the world is one of your life goals, then go out there and make it happen. Remember that your dream is achievable no matter how crazy or wild it may seem to you, especially when there are different ways to do so. Consider working while you’re traveling; there are a lot of jobs that you can find in any country that you go to. Like, teaching English, blogging, becoming a tourist guide, and so much more. You could also make extra money if you don’t want to work while you’re traveling. You could always list your house or find other alternatives that will bring in extra cash for you. Make sure that you use the ideas mentioned here to start your journey to a new life filled with adventure and travel.

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