How to Track Amazon Price History

How to Track Amazon Price History

Most Amazon merchants concentrate on sales when they are doing product research, but don’t overlook price when you are attempting to decide what merchandise to sell. Offering favorably priced goods is a critical part of running a profitable business.

Tracking pricing is also necessary once you start selling. Other sellers will always adjust their prices to try and get a competitive edge, so you must do the same to keep up. So, how to Amazon check a price? Just keep reading. 

For your customers, pricing matters. To outperform your competitors and provide enhanced client services, you need to instantly manage pricing fluctuations.

To accomplish that effectively, you must know your item’s price history. Besides, you need to be aware of the market pricing history in your product category. It is the dynamics of the orders and prices fluctuations of any item over time.

Of course, prices can increase and decrease. For example, if other merchants are out of stock, it is time for you to raise the prices.

Since tracking the prices of multiple products at any minute during a specific period of time manually is almost impossible, you can have a specialized service to do this task. These services are pricing trackers.

They save and analyze the pricing data. Generally, the tool shows price history as a convenient chart.

How Does a Price Tracking Tool Work?

A price tracking tool is an online solution. It checks websites and product pages and analyzes the titles, stock, and prices. Moreover, some services also monitor product reviews, images, descriptions, and more.

Next, a tracker saves the data and demonstrates it to the user as a chart or dashboard. It immediately monitors all prices information and generates notifications, as the case may be. The format and data of the dashboard usually depend on your choice of tool.

Why Use Amazon Price Comparison Tools?

Amazon merchants need a responsive and flexible pricing strategy. It requires maintaining a close eye on your competition and market demand.

There are many perks to using a price-tracking service:

  • Keep constant track of other sellers’ sales and pricing: Such tracking tools help you to keep a constant and close eye on competitors’ product pages. It means you can always monitor key data wherever and whenever you need.
  • Respond to prices changes in real-time: You will get instant alerts when a specific merchant has adjusted their pricing or a new merchant has appeared. It allows you to change your own pricing in real-time to react to the competition.
  • Save time: Utilizing a tracker saves you a large amount of time from exploring each product listing and manually copying the information into your own spreadsheets or files. Just add the link to the product listing, and the data appears!

How to Pick a Price Tracker? 

Fortunately, there are many services to help you keep tabs on prices past and present. To make the most of your online business, you will need to employ the right software — however, with so many tools offering help, it might be difficult to hunt down the best. To help you out, we have gathered a list of some must-have elements of any pricing monitoring tool:

  • Long monitoring history. Some tools offer just a month of tracking, which is satisfactory for a look at recent pricing. However, services that provide a year and more are the most appropriate way to catch trends.
  • Notifications. Choose a tool that can send you an alert when a product gets low or high prices. Otherwise, you will need to always come back to check deal opportunities.
  • Easy to understand the info. Price history services tend to gather a lot of statistics, and they must be clearly presented so you can comprehend them. It won’t be helpful when the dashboard is too messy or complex.

That’s all for now! We wish you good luck on your way to getting more sales, winning Amazon Buy Box, and becoming successful in beating price wars.

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