How to Manage Facebook Groups

How to Manage Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are spaces where people with similar interests network to discuss topics and interact. The platform can be maximized to become profitable to all involved. But you must know how to manage Facebook groups: 5 management tools that can help you make the most out of it.

For effective group management: use Group Funnels, Group Leads, Group Boss, Social Pilot, and Agorapulse. You can apply some tips, such as keeping your group engaging and cordial. Also, try to adhere to Facebook guidelines, respect members’ privacy, and buy Facebook group members to increase your reach in a short period.

Big brands and influencers use these top strategies to get more members to their groups. Keep reading this article to learn more about Facebook groups and management.

How to Manage Facebook Groups: 5 Management Tools

Group Funnels


Group funnels a very good Lead Generation Software. It helps you generate leads for your Facebook group and collect email addresses from new group members on Autopilot.

It makes the cumbersome work of growing your new Facebook group, signing up new members, and monetizing the group super easy.

Why Use Group Funnels?

Recently, Facebook introduced the option of asking new members of a group 3 welcome questions and requesting emails. Group funnels will help you collect emails very efficiently. Once you click the button to accept new people into your Facebook, Group Funnels does the remaining work for you. Their information and email addresses will be entered into a document for you.

With the document, you clearly understand your members’ interests and how to draft email content for them. This allows for effective email marketing campaigns.

Group Funnels provides tools and strategies you can employ to grow and monetize your Facebook Group faster and easier.

Key Features

  • Group funnels offer technical training to teach how you can set it up with ease in a few minutes.
  • You have access to a community of other group leaders and influencers in the support community.
  • Pieces of training on how to increase engagements and click rates.


The Group Funnels pricing plan is a one-time payment of $297. After the payment, you get full access to Group Funnels features without any further payment in the future. In addition, you will have access to all future updates of the software.

GroupFunnels offer

How To Use Group Funnels:

Using the Group Funnel Software is super easy.

The following are steps to take:

  • Click Installation of the Group funnel extension
  • connect it to your Auto-responder
  • Set up filters for new members
  • Click ‘Approve all’ button
  • Sit back and watch as the leads come.
  • Get into your configuration setting and connect with your Facebook group.

Note: You need Google Chrome as your internet browser before you can install Group Funnels extension. You can connect your Group Funnel with your Auto-responder if you want to automate the process.

Group Leads

Group Leads

This tool is a Chrome or Firefox extension that automates tasks in a Facebook group. It supports English and Mandarin language.

Group Leads offers extensive automation services that help you optimize your overall user experience.

Why Use Group Leads?

With Group leads, you can easily save members’ data to three locations:

  • Google sheets
  • As an email to autoresponders.
  • To the web application.

You can also download vital data in PDF, CSV, and XLSX.

Key Features

• Ability to create group funnels and gather unlimited leads from your Facebook groups.

• Automatic acceptance and decline of Facebook group member requests.

• Quality customer service is provided round the clock.

• Easy to use user Interface as all features are accessible on a common dashboard.


Group Leads offer a seven-day free trial for new users to have a feel of their product. There are three pricing plans for the paid subscription model. Starter ($27), Pro ($37), and Unlimited ($57) on the monthly plan.

Group Leads pricing

For the yearly subscription model, there are also three paid plans. Starter ($97), Pro ($127), unlimited ($247).

Group Boss

Group Boss

This software is a lead generation tool used for Facebook. With Group Boss, you can collect an unlimited number of leads for Facebook groups. It is a great fit for affiliate marketers and everyone else who wants to generate Facebook leads.

Why Use Group Boss?

With a welcoming dashboard and access to google spreadsheet, it is hardly a wonder why people prefer Google boss. You can easily save your data on Google Spreadsheet and collect vital leads from Facebook.

Key Features

  • Top-notch customer relations
  • Unlimited leads can be gathered from Facebook groups.
  • Easy to use and install.
  • It has an autoresponder feature.
  • Group management service is available.
  • Transmit information through email marketing software like convert kit


There is a 7-day free trial and 14-day money-back guarantee after the purchase. For the paid plans, there are three categories:

  • Group boss Monthly ($19)
  • Group boss Yearly ($99)
  • Group boss Yearly (Unlimited $189)
Group boss pricing

Social Pilot

Social Pilot

Social Pilot is the dream tool of many social media managers. It is a great tool for accurate analytics, planning of content and scheduling, and client management.

With SocialPilot, you can easily manage all your social media channels from a single and centralized dashboard.

It is supported mainly on the Chrome and Firefox browser extension.

Why Use Social Pilot?

One feature that endeared Socialpilot to users is the Scheduling and support of multiple social platforms. If you would love to have all your social media accounts under one umbrella, this is the tool for you.

Key Features

  • Can upload up to 500 posts using the bulk scheduling feature.
  • Can manage up to 50 social media accounts.
  • Great customer service.
  • White label supported.
  • Accurate Analytics


There is a 14-day free trial period. For Paid versions, they are grouped into four categories, and the pricing is on a monthly or yearly plan. These Categories are:

  • Agency ($125 monthly plan/ $106.25 Yearly plan)
  • Studio ($100 monthly plan/ $85 Yearly plan
  • Small team ($50 monthly plan/ $42.50 Yearly plan)
  • Professional ($30 monthly plan/ $25.50 Yearly plan)
Social Pilot pricing



This is a powerful tool for managing Facebook groups. It is also a great analytics tool to measure performance data. It is also used for content moderation on Facebook.

Why Use Agorapulse?

Moderation is one of the standout features that make most users opt for Agorapulse. It also helps in scheduling and has great inbox functions like priority tagging.

With this tool, you can manage your Facebook groups more effectively.

Key Features

  • It supports PDF and CSV reports for analytic data.
  • You can track and monitor comments on Facebook
  • It monitors and brings up hashtags and keywords.
  • Supports the major social media platforms.
  • It has a functional library to store data.


This software comes in the free and paid mode. The free mode supports a 30-day free trial period. The price includes:

  • Pro $79/month
  • Premium $199/month
  • Enterprise (Determined by vendor)
Agorapulse pricing

Tips For Managing Your Facebook Page

There are essential tools that you can use to manage your Facebook group. Neglecting your group to chance is a risk and will make you lose members fast. Here are some proven management methods:

  1. Use Notifications

Most times, you could be caught up in your busy schedule and forget the timing for posts and vital tasks. Switching your notifications can help you stay on top of your game and prevent unwanted messages from members.

You can also make your group administrators receive notifications on posts and member requests. This will help you access and quickly accept members before they lose interest.

To turn on your notifications, click on the drop-down menu on the right-hand side.

Facebook community 1

Next select ManageNotifications below the group cover photo.

Facebook community 2

Next, you turn on notifications for all posts.

Facebook community 3

To monitor comments for a particular post, click on the post, click on the arrow at the top on the right then turn on the notifications.

  1. Question Intending Members

You need to ask some questions to ensure that intending members understand what the group is all about. You should create a list of about three questions for intending members. The process is quite simple. All you need to do is:

  • Click on the button at the top right corner of your group page.
Facebook group 1
  • Click on Settings
Facebook group 2
  • Click on Membership *
Facebook group 3
  • Add questions or add group rules as you wish
Facebook group 4
  1. Remove Problematic Members

Every group comes across some aggressive individuals once in a while. If a member violates any group rules, you must remove such a person from the group.

This is important to avoid a negative backlash that might lead to Facebook placing sanctions on the group. You can search for the member by name and select remove from the group.

You can also take it further by blocking the member from rejoining the group and also deleting their previous posts.

  1. Improve Your Visibility

Be detailed in your group description and the categories it covers. You can include more than one category. Naturally, this should get you more members as your goals and focus will be obvious.

With Facebook tags, you can highlight the topics your groups will cover.

  1. Use Scheduled Posts

You might not always be free to post meaningful content on time. However, you need to keep your members engaged to avoid moving on to another active group.

Scheduled posts can set a date and time shortly when your post will be published. This will help you prepare your content and manage your time more efficiently.

This YouTube video will be of help to Facebook group management.

Can You Earn Money From Facebook Groups?

You can easily monetize your Facebook group when you have dedicated followers by adopting these methods:

Setup A Paid Membership

A paid membership is a great avenue for making consistent income. You can set up a paid membership and offer rich content that will make your subscribers willing to pay. This is better done when you have many active members in your group.

Market Products Or Services To Members

Study your group and develop relevant products and services they will be interested in purchasing. With your level of interaction, they will have a bit of trust to check it out.

Become An Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is a billion-dollar industry. With your influence in your group, you can easily market relevant products and services for affiliate networks. Amazon is a great example of an affiliate giant you can link up with.

Try Private Coaching And Meet And Greet

You can learn a skill or two and share it with your group members for a fee. You can also pick a safe location for group meetings and ask for attendance fees for the event.

Create A Logo And Merchandise For Your Group

To make your group unique, you can create a logo and Put It On merchandise. When these products are ordered, you can make a decent amount of money from the sale.

How Do You Make A Successful Facebook Group?

Using keywords to form your group name, posting rich content, and being consistent are some methods that can make your group successful.

  • Create A Captivating Name And Description

Your group name and description should be SEO optimized and contain relevant keywords to attract more traffic. However, keep your group closed to avoid accepting non-compliant members.

  • Join Other Groups For A Balanced View

It will be quite helpful to learn from other successful groups by becoming a member. You will be able to understudy them and notice what works and doesn’t.

  • Clearly Define Your Purpose.

Don’t do everything; use the power of focus to boost your creativity. Define your niche and research relevant content in your chosen field.

  • Stay Consistent

Your members are looking up to you. Try to have a schedule you work with that you stick religiously to. You can have certain types of posts for certain days and never run out of content.

  • Create Your Rules And Stick To Them

Don’t let members get away with acts like racism, bullying, or hate speech. Clearly define your rules before you start accepting members. Also, try to settle disputes before they escalate.

  • Promote Your Group

You could make use of paid promotions, and just get your group to rank high in the search engines. You can also create a Facebook chatbot to direct page visitors to your group.

  • What Is The Difference Between A Page And A Group On Facebook?

The major difference between Facebook groups and pages is the way that the followers are related to a shared interest.

A Facebook group is a virtual space where members connect over a common area of interest or topic. On the other hand, a Facebook page is used to broadcast information to followers. Public figures and cooperative entities usually favor it.



  • Group: This virtual space is where members connect, socialize, and share ideas on a subject.
  • Page: This is a tool used mainly by brands and public figures to reach out to their numerous fans.

Messaging feature

  • Group: Direct messaging feature available for group members
  • Page: No direct messaging is available, only comments are allowed.

Targeted posting

  • Group: Not available in groups.
  • Page: This feature is available to reach out to a certain type of audience and exempt others.

App support

  • Group: Cannot add applications to the group.
  • Page: Applications are added to create more engaging page content for users.


  • Group: Can be grouped into three categories: Open, Close, and Secret
  • Page: Membership is always set in public.


  • Group: Not provided
  • Page: A special ‘Become a fan” widget is provided.

Visitors are identified as

  • Group: Members
  • Page: Fans

Analytics for user engagement

  • Group: Not provided
  • Page: The admin or page creator can access data to analyze fan behavior.

What Are The General Facebook Group Rules?

The general rules for Facebook groups are: No spam, hate speech, respect the privacy of others, be courteous, and add links only in comments.

  • Be Kind And Courteous.

There can be debates but let them be healthy and respectful. Everyone is expected to act with a sense of maturity.

  • No Hate Speech Or Bullying

Racism, body-shaming, nepotism, and tribalism are frowned upon on Facebook. Derogatory comments will be reported, and the account suspended.

  • No Spam

This could be very annoying. No lengthy repeated messages forcefully promoting anything. It is frowned upon.

  • Respect Everyone’s Privacy

Information shared in the group should be kept there. The internet is a public space, but try to keep the discussion private.

If you want to promote yourself, you can do it only in comments and not in a manner of spam. Some groups will require approval from the admin before you can share links.

Pros and Cons of Facebook groups


  • It Creates A Community:

You can easily create a community of like-minded individuals who can come together to achieve a lot or patronize a particular product or service.

  • You Can Get Fresh Ideas:

Since it is very interactive, you will be able to see and hear other people’s perspectives. This will help create a more balanced view of things.

  • It Creates Social Proof:

Customers search the internet daily. If they see a lot of members in your group, there is a tendency that they would like to join.

  • Makes You More Visible And Accessible:

Doing business on Facebook groups that are trusted are preferable for most people. Some customers prefer dealing with individuals to whom they can relate rather than brands or companies.


  • You Don’t Have Full Control:

Policy changes from Facebook can suddenly change the scope of your groups, especially if you do business. Absolute control is absent, like in a physical business.

  • Closed Groups Are Difficult To Manage:

For exclusive groups where you want to charge payment, you must be careful not to go against Facebook’s terms of service. You also have the added responsibility of removing non-compliant people and sourcing for serious ones.

  • Bad Behavior:

Even after putting the rules and regulations in most groups, some individuals still cause disputes. They might even go as far as reporting the group or starting a smear campaign.

The best you can do is to manage the crisis but all groups will certainly end up with a few unhappy members.

  • Time-Consuming:

When a group gets large, the admin and moderator will filter posts to maintain the group standards. This can be rather time-consuming and sometimes create a lag in responses.

It can also make some members leave if their comments take long to get approval.


Facebook groups are essential for effective collaboration between members of a particular interest group. Connecting with people with similar likes and passions is much easier.

Most importantly, you must consistently come up with rich and engaging content for your group members. Always seek to improve on your current achievements and promote your group for rapid and sustainable growth.

Every successful group owner must understand how to manage Facebook groups: 5 tools that can make it easy. When starting, it will be a great idea to set clear rules and guidelines before accepting members.

Within your group, you can maximize your earning capacity by engaging in ventures like affiliate marketing and selling merchandise.

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