How To Improve Your Marketing Strategy And Grow Your Business

How To Improve Your Marketing Strategy And Grow Your Business

In the digital wild west that is modernity, the common phrase: if you build it, they will come, no longer applies. In a competition pool that contains every company in the entire world, getting your message to potential customers instead of letting it float around in some dark place on the internet can mean the difference between a business surviving or dissolving. Marketing strategy has never been more important for business growth; despite this, not everyone knows how to go about improving their marketing strategy. The following will look at several steps you can take to improve the state of your marketing and encourage real, genuine growth.

Stay Up To Date

Part of a good marketing strategy is being aware of what’s going on in the world of marketing—what’s working and what isn’t. Subscribe to several high-quality marketing blogs and follow marketing-related news. Often when trends happen, they start quick, pick up steam and then fizzle out. It’s cool and effective to join in on the trends and developments early; joining in late isn’t quite as charming.

Keep Epic Records

One of the most underutilized superpowers every marketing professional or team has is the data they themselves are creating. Everything you do requires time and energy and often money. Everything you do also has an outcome. Keeping extremely detailed and organized notes about what exactly you did, when exactly you did it can provide a ton of stellar and useful information. You might, for instance, notice that on Fridays right after the weekly meeting, your marketers produce more results than usual—you can develop the hypothesis that this means the meetings motivate people to get more done. Move the meeting one week and see if the outcome is the same. Maybe you notice a spike in clicks one day; you can go through your notes and see what was done differently that day; sometimes, the answer is a simple as a hashtag you didn’t realize was perfect for your products.

Make One Change At A Time

In keeping with the above point, you want to be making only small tweaks one at a time to your marketing strategy. If only one change has occurred and suddenly your results are drastically different, you can assume the change is the culprit. If you’re doing a dozen things at once, including a new posting schedule, a new slogan, and a new target demographic, you won’t know what changes are bringing you the results you see. You might also accidentally consider something beneficial that is harmful. This can happen when you try three new things, and two results in more users or customers, but one actually deters people. It’s going to be really hard to figure out that one element is sending clients away because, overall, you’re gaining customers.

Differentiate Yourself

Differentiating your business involves a lot of deep thought, but it’s crucial if you want to compete in today’s marketplaces. Part of this process is going to involve a careful study of your competitors—you need to see what they’re doing and how people are reacting to it so you can identify areas where there are gaps and needs that are left unfulfilled. Figure out what sets your company apart from the others in your niche and emphasize that in your marketing strategy. Pay attention to reviews to get an idea of new elements you can incorporate that no other supplier seems to be providing.


Audience written on white-board

Give Away Something For Free

The worldwide web is full of free things: content, guides, instructional videos, even full novels are available at no cost to people online. In many cases, giving away something small for free can help draw people to your work and products. Free trials or the first few chapters of a book, or anything that you can think of that you can give away for free without sinking your business, should be considered. Once someone has been given something by you—even if it’s just useful information in the form of a blog post—they’ve developed trust for you and are more likely to pay for something else you have to offer.

The above tips should help open you up to areas where your marketing strategy can improve. It’s important to note that marketing is a continually ongoing process. You will need to audit what you’re doing on a regular and make tweaks as time goes on. People’s expectations are constantly changing, as are the methods available for marketing and promotion. Furthermore, marketing requires consistent effort if it is to be effective.

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