How to Get the Perfect Photos for Your Photography Business

How to Get the Perfect Photos for Your Photography Business

Who doesn’t want to bring back beautiful pictures from a trip? I don’t think there is such a person. Usually, after your trips, you inspirationally tell your friends, family, and anyone who asks about your trip.

And how cool when your stories can be enhanced with beautiful pictures. And most of the time people bring back from trips not always a good photo: there they did not have time, here the camera sat down in the middle of fun or memory ran out, and here the picture for some reason got blurry…

So to avoid mistakes and get the most beautiful photos, you need to prepare in advance. In our tutorial, we will tell you some important tips that will help you in photography:

  • Always carry your camera with you;
  • Choose the right camera;
  • Take unconventional routes;
  • Take pictures of yourself;
  • Take a series of photos.

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Always bring your camera

You never know when and where that perfect shot is going to pop up. And it can appear at any moment. Suddenly, leaves carelessly falling from the trees will perfectly complement the view of the most beautiful building of the late 19th century… Just imagine: your heart is pounding, but your camera is not there. And how long after that you will blame yourself that you missed the magical photo?

So remember, always, always carry a camera with you when you travel. You not only want to enjoy the sights themselves but also bring something to show your friends! If you’ve been to another country, you’ve probably seen a lot of Asians with heavy lenses and several tripods huddled together in an odd pose trying to get an interesting shot. If you’re not going to take pictures for National Geographic, but you have more mundane goals, such as saving great shots for yourself or bragging about them on social networks, then extra equipment will only hinder you.

Carry your camera with you, but don’t carry extra equipment. The golden rule. Why do you need a tripod or reflector, for example? During a walking photo shoot in another country you will want to get around more territory, and having extra equipment will only make you tired and sad. And you need to bring back only positive emotions and great impressions from your trip. So pack a minimal kit.

Person looking at photo

What kind of camera for traveling

You can do that with composition, light, and the right lens choice. And a camera is just a tool to get the job done. In general, whatever camera you use, the best lens for travel photography is a 35mm focal length, considering the cropped factor. That is, if you have a camera with a cropped sensor, it can be any lens with a focal length of 23 mm, if full-frame, then 35 mm. Never buy a special backpack for your camera. It’s better if it’s an inconspicuous backpack or bag. Why is this so?

Many crooks are trying to cash in on hapless tourists. And if they see you with a special backpack, they will most likely try to steal it. Why give them an excuse?

And yes, don’t leave your gear in rental cars.

Advice for those who do not take tours and use either pre-found guidebooks, or make your route.

Stepping away (even a little) from the usual tour route, you can get to such a beautiful or unusual place, which you will remember for a long time. For example, the streets of an old city in Europe are an invitation to wander and get lost in their labyrinths.

Person taking photo

Don’t forget to take pictures of yourself

Yes, if you are the only one in the company who has the magic of beautiful pictures - you will have a hard time. After all, you will almost constantly hear requests to take pictures of someone. And then, upon arrival, you will realize that there are very few or no pictures…

So do not forget to take pictures of yourself. Take some unusual selfies, so you have something to look at after your trip.

And one more piece of advice. Learn to take pictures of your travels with your other half. That way you’ll be sure that the two of you will have a good shot.

Take a reportage

Take photos of your day on the trip. Take a series of reportage photos. First, you won’t be the only one interested in the format. People love the “a day in the life of…” series. And secondly, you’ll be able to capture all the highlights of your experience without missing a single one.

Get a camera with WiFi

Nowadays, almost all manufacturers equip their cameras with WiFi. And it’s very convenient. You take a picture, immediately upload it to your phone and immediately post it on social networks.

And you’re going to ask me why you can’t just take pictures on your phone? It’s more mobile, more compact, and so much more.

And I’ll answer is: I do not rule out shooting on the phone. I combine shooting on my camera and my smartphone. My camera takes better, more interesting photos, and my smartphone takes situational ones when I don’t have time to get my camera.

We still want to get high-quality photos that we can show our grandchildren by the fireplace on long winter evenings, not those that will be forgotten along with Instagram.


Travel photography is all about emotions and impressions. Catch the happy moments of your life and capture them in frames that you will be able to remember years later and show to friends and family. And don’t be afraid to make that shot a little blurry or imperfect, because you can always fix it with a graphic editor! On Skylum’s blog, you can read how to invert a picture on iPhone and much more!

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