How To Embed Instagram Feed On Any Website In 5 Mins

How To Embed Instagram Feed On Any Website In 5 Mins

Brands and enterprises must now be inclined toward social media as part of their digital strategy. A forum for showcasing and promoting products and services is provided by top social media platforms for businesses. Brands have started utilizing this by including social media content on their websites, which helps them make the most of these channels.

We just cannot ignore the importance of platforms with a strong visual component, like Instagram, when we talk about social media platforms. A variety of content can be created and posted on this platform like photos, product videos, live videos, etc, which has a user base of over 500 million active monthly users. Additionally, including such content on the website is a terrific method to benefit from the plan and see incredible results.

Despite the fact that it may sound like a complicated task requiring technical know-how or coding expertise, it is really pretty easy to do and won’t take more than a few minutes. You may easily incorporateInstagram feeds on your website by following the simple instructions we’ll outline in this post.

Let’s start with the steps right now without further ado.

Easy Ways To Integrate Instagram Feeds On Your Website

1. Choose a tool

You must spend some time looking for and shortlisting the proper tool before we go on to the embedding procedure. This method works incredibly well with a variety of tools that are readily available.

You must, however, search for the ideal tool with the proper features. The Taggbox widget has repeatedly shown itself to be one of the top social media aggregation tools accessible, despite the fact that there are numerous solutions available. The tool clearly outperforms all of its rivals thanks to its feature-rich functionality and superb responsiveness. A few highlights of the tool are its wide-scale customization options, content moderation possibilities, advanced analytics, real-time content updates, and a support team for assisting customers if they encounter any issues.

2. Sign in to the social media aggregator

Once you’ve finished whittling down your list of potential tools, you may go on to the next phase. In order to access the dashboard of the social media aggregator service, you will first need to log into the tool. In order to access the platform, you must first register a free account, which you may do quickly. You will be ready for the next step after logging in.

3. Gather the Instagram feeds in the form of a widget

You can aggregate the Instagram feeds by selecting Add feeds once the account setup process is complete. The option will let you choose Instagram from among the different content aggregation sources that you can see.

When aggregating content, most systems let users select their preferred connection type. Using hashtags, your username, your profile, mentions, etc., you can gather the content.

4. Tweak the Instagram widget as per your liking

At this stage, the widget editor will let you aggregate the Instagram feeds. The Instagram widget can next be tailored to look exactly the way you want it to. There are numerous style options available, including themes, templates, layouts, fonts, colors, etc., depending on the tool you use.

Furthermore, you will have the option of moderating the content by eliminating any irrelevant or offensive content from the widget.

5. Incorporate the widget

Finally, once you’ve finished customizing it and are happy with how it looks, you’ll prepare to embed the Instagram widget on your website. You must generate an embed code for this step by selecting the Get code option while clicking the Publish button. Embedding code must be copied to a clipboard.

You might be given the choice to change the widget’s width and height to match the style and feel of the website. The next step is to connect to your platform for constructing websites, go to the backend where you want to insert the Instagram widget, paste the embed code, and then save the changes.

Final Remarks

You may now quickly incorporate Instagram widget on your website in a few simple steps now that we have reached the post’s conclusion.

Many firms and marketers have included this tactic in their marketing campaigns to improve user engagement on the website, lengthen users’ visits, raise brand awareness, and enhance sales and conversions.

Follow these easy steps, and you’ll be shocked at how your brand’s growth accelerates! This method has assisted several brands in transforming their operations and reaching new heights. Go on and join the list!

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