How to Create Email Signatures That Drive Interaction

How to Create Email Signatures That Drive Interaction

The world of email marketing has been a leading channel for decades and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. With around 3.5 million emails sent every second, we consume a huge amount of written media through this format every single day. The vast majority of people check their emails every single day, making this a primary location to go when interacting with others and conducting business. Yet, in this sea of emails, how do you stand out? One of the most effective ways of getting peoples’ attention is to make sure that your emails offer more than the typical ones that end up in their inboxes. The most effective way of doing this is by utilizing email signatures, which provide space to host a whole range of different assets, features, and information.

In this article, we’ll dive into the world of email signatures, exploring exactly how to craft one that makes an impact on your audience. Let’s dive right in.

How To Make Your Email Signature Stand Out?

Email signatures often follow a fairly cookie-cutter approach of just listing out common information. While it is important to include your name, title, and other information like contact details, this isn’t where you should stop.

If you want your email signature to capture the attention of the reader, there are a few extra steps you can take:

  • Keep Branding Consistent
  • Mobile-Friendly Hierarchy
  • Graphic Elements
  • Interactive Elements

Let’s break these down further.

Keep Branding Consistent

Nothing is more jarring than a difficult-to-manage color scheme in a small space like an email. In order to make sure your email signature is as visually appealing as possible, we recommend that you follow your company’s guided branding rules.

Brands will have selected colors that complement each other, allowing you to use color to bring some life to your email signature. As opposed to a blank or black-and-white email signature, this pop of color will ensure that people glance down at your information, making them more likely to actually read what you’ve included.

Make Sure You’re Mobile Friendly

Creating mobile-friendly email signatures can be a complete make-or-break in terms of interaction. The vast majority of people that look through their emails do so on a mobile device. If you haven’t already thought about mobile optimization, then you may be presenting something that doesn’t correctly fit onto a screen.

Not only does this instantly come across as unprofessional, but it also decreases the likelihood that a user will click on any of the elements of your email signature. By optimizing for mobile interaction, you’ll ensure that anyone - despite the device they’re using - can access the resources or information you’ve included here.

Especially as we move further into this digital age, mobile optimization should be a priority across all of your media channels, especially ones that are frequented by mobiles, like email.

Use Graphic Elements

Perhaps one of the most important elements to creating a good email signature is including graphic elements. For some companies, the main graphic element that they include will simply be a logo. While this does pull attention, it’s a fairly uninteresting piece of media that won’t capture attention for much time.

Alternatively, you could use your email signature as a space for more impressive graphical assets. For example, an email banner at the bottom of your signature will serve as a base for your information while also providing more room to include information or marketing materials. For example, you could include a design that represents a service you offer, a picture of a product, or a call to action.

The latter of these is highly effective, with a call to action that relates to your business urging people to take action based on your email. When you couple this strategy with the following interactive elements, you’ll have a highly-optimized email signature for interaction.

Interactive Elements

Interactive emails within an email signature are all of the parts that include outbound links or information. At the minimum, most people will include a link to their company website and a phone number on their email signature. These additional elements create outward pathways that interested users can follow. However, you can take this much further to make your email signature engaging.

Some of the most interactive elements work in tandem with the graphic elements in your email signature. By working in unison, you can create a small marketing material that includes a CTA inside it. For example, you could include a banner photo of a recent project, with links in your email signature that lead to a case study talking about it.

By creating points of cohesion across your email signature, you’re able to create a holistic element that will help to boost engagement through email. You can even create several customized options in this regard. Depending on who you’re going to send the email to, you can alter the email signature design that you send along.

To prospective customers, you can include email signatures that focus on the solutions that you provide. Then, for active customers, you can insert links to blogs that help customers achieve their desired outcomes.

With email signatures, the opportunities are endless.

How to Add an Email Signature

Email signatures are vital for creating impactful email layouts. If you’re looking to offer the reader more from every email, then email signatures are undoubtedly a great option to add on.

If you’re wondering how to add a signature in Gmail, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Open your Gmail application and sign into the account.
  2. Toward the top right-hand side, you will be able to click on “Settings.”
  3. In Settings, you’ll notice the “Signature” section.
  4. Add your desired Signature to this box, either writing your own or pasting the HTML in from another application.
  5. Click Save and Exit.

After finishing these five steps, you’ll now have the desired email signature at the bottom of all of the emails you send. You’ll be driving traction in no time.

Final Thoughts

Email signatures are a powerful tool that is often underutilized in the world of business. Instead of just seeing your signature as a place to put your name and title, explore all of the possibilities by adding media, external links, advertisements, and more.

Don’t make the mistake of only using email signatures for the traditional. As this is your email space, you should customize it fully to reflect your desires. Whether you use it to promote marketing materials, share more information, or drive engagement with external links, there is a trove of possibilities to play with.

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