How To Create A Winning Branded Merchandise For Your Company

How To Create A Winning Branded Merchandise For Your Company

In this increasingly competitive world, businesses of all sizes, particularly startups and small businesses, need to be aggressive in marketing their brand, services, and products. The average attention span of people is already low and without the right branding strategy, you’re already losing prospects.

If you need to get people’s attention, branded merchandise is the oldest, yet one of the most effective tricks you can implement in your campaign.

Branded Merchandise: What Is It?

Merchandise is another term for the items and products you buy from a shop. That said, there’s a difference between general merchandise and branded merchandise.

Branded merchandise is any item that features your brand logo or slogan. Any general merchandise can become branded merchandise when you incorporate your logo and other brand visuals into it.

Sometimes, brand merchandise is called promotional items since most businesses decide to give away these items for free. However, you can always incorporate them into your own products. For instance, Nike and Adidas often incorporate their company’s logo on their shoes and shirts.

Most businesses offering paid branded merchandise use services like Printful and other similar providers. Printful, in particular, allows you to set up your own print on demand Etsy store, which allows you to design customized branded merchandise while they fulfill orders, so you can focus on your business.

4 Tips To Create A Strong Branded Merchandise

For your branded merchandise to be effective, your logo and visuals must be placed strategically. The ultimate goal is to leave a lasting impression on prospects and customers. To achieve that, take note of the tips below:

1. Consider Your Brand

When making or choosing branded merchandise you want to consider your brand’s identity. Branded merchandise can be another series or variation of your general products or promotional items. Regardless of their purpose, they should reflect who you are as a brand. Customers should be able to know what brand to remember once they see your merchandise.

So, to create winning and strong branded merchandise, you want to reflect on your brand’s identity and ensure that your items are aligned with your brand image. For instance, if you’re a small business offering organic food items, then consider looking for eco-friendly branded merchandise such as reusable utensils or travel cups.

2. Understand Your Audience

After your brand’s identity, you also need to consider your target audience. While most branded merchandise is inclusive to anyone, determining who your existing customers and target audience are can ensure that your merchandise connects with the right people on a more personal level.

Prioritizing your existing customers can help strengthen long-term relationships while attracting potential customers. To understand your target audience better, you can conduct polls and surveys on your social accounts or even provide a feedback box on your physical store. This is also a great way to ask your audience for suggestions about merchandise design ideas, trends, and preferences.

3. Be Meticulous In Choosing The Merchandise

The success of your branded merchandise will greatly depend on the products and items you choose. If you offer items that are not useful or appealing to customers and audiences, then it won’t generate interest in your business.

In terms of promotional items, you can provide general lifestyle items that feature your brand logos or names such as hats, stationaries, water bottles, and power banks. Avoid trendy items that may go out of style if you want to ensure a lasting impression.

Also, consider choosing items that offer minimal variations and can be used by a wide range of people. For instance, shirts and socks can be unisex and neutralize the sizing factor. This way, more people can purchase and use your branded merchandise without limitations.

4. Use Simple, Minimalistic Designs

It’s okay to be enthusiastic in designing your branded merchandise. However, simplicity is always better. Adding too many design elements to your merchandise, especially the promotional and free ones, can make it look cluttered. It will only confuse consumers, and your logo might not get the attention it deserves.

So, don’t include your business phone number, address, website address, and every little detail about your company in your merchandise design. This information should be placed on your website or social accounts, not on your merchandise. Instead, you can just add your brand logo, name, and minimal visuals. Sometimes, minimalistic design can make a bigger impact.


Branded merchandise is a way for existing customers and curious audiences to try and take home a piece of your brand and make it a part of their everyday lives. A well-designed branded merchandise can help connect with your target audience and enhance brand recognition, ultimately setting your business apart and encouraging brand loyalty.

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