How to Apply Local Link Building

How to Apply Local Link Building

Link building remains one of the powerful tools for the promotion and expansion of businesses. When you are only a beginner, such companies as PRPosting always can advise you on the strategies that can be useful and help to apply them in reality. For instance, here, we are going to discuss local backlinking and its special features.

To successfully promote your site in the search results with the help of local backlinks, you need to:

  • Simply, clearly, and concisely describe all your offers and how and where you can order your services or goods.

  • Indicate the addresses and contacts of your company.

  • Register the company in directories of enterprises indicating the location.

  • Constantly receive new links from authoritative sites with good traffic (city and thematic portals, forums, and directories).

  • Actively promote the company on social networks.

  • Ensure fast and stable operation of the site.

Create quality content

Thousands of articles have been written about what content should be on the site. So, let’s summarize it briefly. For successful promotion in the local issue, the content must meet several requirements:

  • Be literate and easy to read.

  • Be up-to-date and fully describe the goods and services offered.

  • Indicate where and how you can use the services and buy goods.

  • The site should have landing pages for certain cities.

  • Be as clear as possible to your target audience.

The higher the quality, the better results can be achieved.

Promotion in social networks

SMM is a marketing tool in its own right, but social media traffic also matters for search engine rankings. Be sure to leave links to the site in publications on your brand page. Set up Facebook ads to target users in your city.

Another convenient tool for link building for local SEO is Instagram. It also enables precise geo-targeting and tagging of your location.

Google My Business tool

This is one of the main tools for local promotion. Allows you to manage company information in search results and on Google Maps and collect reviews.

The main features of Google My Business for promotion are the following:

  • Get targeted traffic to the site for free.

  • Attract clients who are near you.

  • Create a mini-site, a substitute for a fully functional Internet resource with phone numbers, addresses, opening hours, and other important information.

  • Build brand credibility through news releases and real customer testimonials.

  • Respond to the wishes and criticism of customers, working with the feedback received.

Information entered into Google My Business is displayed in the knowledge block (to the right of the main SERP), on maps, and in the Local Pack (most often above the main SERP).

You can do all the work by yourself or ask dedicated specialists for support and fast link building with proper quality.

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