Content Creation vs. In house Written Content: What Works Best

Content Creation vs. In house Written Content: What Works Best

Content creation and marketing is integral to both B2B and B2C business. Content forms a brand - sells products - and conveys a message with emotion. 77% of shoppers say they shop with emotion, and words are a great way of capturing that emotion. They’re also a great way of capturing the attention of consumers and generating leads. There is such a focus on content marketing that 68% of marketers say they’re willing to spend top-end budgets for high-quality content.

What can high-quality content do? It can put a business on the map. Creating consistent and engaging content is a way of spreading brand awareness and connecting with consumers. The question is, is it better to use content creation companies or in house services? Let’s explore.

Currently, 84% of B2B marketers outsource their content creation. Why? Because it is so much easier to have a company craft a highly articulated article than it is for someone without the know-how to. Unless you have the budget to hire a team of in-house writers, it’s a no brainer to work with a company that can produce the quality you need.

In terms of content creation, you’re far more likely to have engaging content, and most companies put keywords in the content that boosts the SEO appeal. One service that does this is blogger outreach. Currently, 72% of marketers think content creation is their most effective strategy, and blogger outreach combines SEO with content creation to beef up your backlink profile.

Your backlink profile is a network of links from other sources to your website. The more you have, the more valuable your website is considered, and the higher you’ll appear in the search engines. That was, of course, in simple terms. Check out iNET VENTURES for more information. SEO is one of the most valuable marketing tactics because of how digital the world is and how digital the world is still to come. More people are choosing to shop online, especially on their mobile, so it pays to be visible.

Content creation companies also work well for social media campaigns. 3.78 billion people use social media, many of them spending hours scrolling. There’s a chance to capture the attention of billions of people by simple, eyecatching, trendy content.

Believe it or not, Facebook is the most popular social media platform still. Some features make content creation and marketing even easier, such as the boost features. Good content should the foundation of any social media marketing campaign.

Where should your content go? Your content should be posted to as many pages on the web as possible. The more content that’s out there about your business, the more well known your brand is going to be. Furthermore, Google bots favour consistent, high-quality content with links that help them move through it.

The more they find, the higher you rank. Blogs are a great source of content marketing because there are just so many of them, 570 million to be exact. Business blogs and personal bloggers have a platform to share content with millions of people. 60% of internet users read blogs, so there’s a great opportunity there.

That’s why blogger outreach services are so good. They create the content for you, put a link to your website, and publish it to bloggers with good domain authority.

In House Content

We can’t forget about in-house content marketing. Startups can start content marketing before the budget allows by consistently posting to a business blog. Business blogs are a great way to spread the message and attempt to engage with customers. Free online spelling and grammar checkers make it easy to at least make the piece of content look professional.

However, for a long term strategy, it makes more sense to outsource content creation and marketing, especially for SEO purposes. Updating a company blog is fine because it’s personal to your business. But to spread brand awareness, a service like blogger outreach is the best. It just makes so much more sense to outsource it.

Where Does Content Matter The Most?

Content matters wherever it is. Every time something goes live with a link to your business, it matters. Whether that’s on social media platforms, blogs, web pages, it all matters. There are multiple platforms available to you for content marketing, not just blogs.

Most companies run hybrid digital marketing campaigns because they work effectively in tandem. For example, a blogger outreach service and a social media campaign would work well to spread a consistent brand message.

There are also other types of content to consider. It doesn’t have to be written to be valuable content. 60% of businesses use videos as a marketing tool. Why? Because it’s much easier to convey a tone of voice and, in turn, the brand image through a video. It’s a chance to connect more personally with consumers by speaking with emotions.

And it’s much easier to be creative. Consumers are far more likely to watch a 30-second video than to read a 5-minute blog post. The only setback is, it’s much harder to create video content than it is written.

To sum up, content creation is much better off outsourced. There are some things better left to the professionals. For convenience, this is one of them. Content creation services are relatively cheap, considering their value and how much they do for lead generation and overall brand engagement.

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