Advantages of Using SMS in Your Marketing Campaign

Advantages of Using SMS in Your Marketing Campaign

SMS marketing is an effective marketing tool that can be used to communicate messages regarding promotional and transactional campaigns from businesses and organizations to consumers via text messages (also known as “SMS”). SMS marketing often delivers content such as business updates, account alerts, and promotional offers to customers who have registered to receive messages and updates from a particular business or organization. As businesses are always looking for ways to communicate with their existing and potential customers, SMS marketing is often used in multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Despite the rise of the Internet and other online communication platforms, SMS marketing is often mistakenly considered to be an outdated and ineffective marketing tool. However, SMS marketing is still a medium that can instantly connect businesses to customers with a high rate of receiving and opening.

This article is going to look further into different ways that using SMS marketing can benefit businesses and their marketing campaigns.

SMS Marketing Enables Businesses to Send Personalized Content

Recent studies have shown that people often have better responses to content that addresses them directly, and messages are received better if they are more personalized to the intended receiver. The best practices of SMS marketing involve customizing and personalizing messages’ content so that businesses can reach customers on a more personal level. This in turn results in a higher chance of customers responding to the messages. For instance, your business can personalize the messages that you send to a particular subscriber with information about relevant products or services that this particular customer might be interested in, rather than sending them a general message about all types of products or services.

The best rule to follow when using SMS marketing as a tool is to make customers feel connected to your business on a personal level while avoiding bothering customers with frequent messages that will create a negative feeling or make your customers feel as if they are being monitored without permission by your business.

SMS Marketing Can Be Used with Other Marketing Tools

Each marketing tool such as SMS marketing, email marketing, or telephone marketing all has its own advantages. However, each marketing tool when used separately will not be as effective compared to if they are used together in a cooperative campaign. For instance, SMS marketing can be used to support social media marketing and email marketing in promoting an on-going campaign by your company for better results.

According to recent studies, SMS marketing has been proven to increase email opening rates by 30 percent when being used as a reminder for customers to check their emails. Therefore, it is recommended that your business should incorporate SMS marketing with other marketing tools and channels to maximize potential results.

SMS Marketing Allows Businesses to Have Trackable and Immediate Results

Businesses can further understand customer engagement levels and responsiveness by tracking SMS marketing delivery and responsive rates. SMS marketing was believed by many to be an un-trackable marketing tool in the past, however, SMS marketing campaigns are now trackable especially in two-way message campaigns and campaigns that involve using promotional codes.

By having specific promotional codes and keywords, businesses can have real-time results on the effectiveness of SMS marketing tools and on-going marketing campaigns. This, in turn, allows businesses to do testing to find out which types of messages and promotions are better received by customers.

SMS Marketing is Very Affordable

In contrast to a popular misconception that SMS marketing requires high-cost investments, SMS marketing is a marketing tool that is more affordable in large quantities of messages than other types of marketing tools. Sending mobile messages in large quantities is a cost-effective way that businesses can reduce their marketing costs.

Moreover, by sending messages to opt-in customers only, businesses will have better chances of receiving a higher return-on-investment (also known as “ROI”). SMS marketing allows businesses to have higher levels, therefore, customers will have a higher chance of responding better to those messages. Thus, making SMS marketing a cost-effective and highly efficient marketing tool.

Man reading SMS marketing message

SMS marketing is one of the most effective and popular marketing tools that require low investment costs while yielding excellent results. Businesses that invest in learning and applying SMS marketing tactics with other marketing tools tend to receive significantly better results than using any one strategy in isolation. SMS marketing is not only an immediate and direct channel that allows you to reach your customers, but it can also support other marketing channels, as well as enabling you to learn more about customers and build your customer database. If you are aiming to have a more integrated marketing plan to better analyze and understand customers as well as gaining a better customer engagement rate, consider looking into SMS marketing and its applications.

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