7 Top Tips for Effective Instagram Marketing

7 Top Tips for Effective Instagram Marketing

Every day, an average of 100 million people upload pictures or videos to their Instagram accounts. Of these, at least 25 million are businesses hoping to attract more leads and sales to their businesses. Unfortunately, most of these businesses are not using the most effective marketing options. As a result, they continue sinking time and money into Instagram marketing and not getting a satisfactory ROI. Are you stuck in the same boat with these businesses? Do you want to turn things around? Let’s look at how you can hack this: Using an Instagram Business Account

As a business, relying on a personal account to propel your growth on the platform is not very effective. It will not show you how well your content performs and what you can do better. Luckily, Instagram sets businesses up for success with their in-built analytics. All you need is to set up a professional account to see how users have responded to your posts. The analytics delve into the number of shares, saves, comments, and likes on your posts, giving you an idea of what your followers enjoy. So, instead of using third-party services, you can use what Instagram gives you for free and use it to launch a killer strategy.

Generating More Traffic to Your Account

How do you get more people to follow you instead of the millions of other businesses on the platform? You can boost Instagram followers to kickstart your growth. The minute someone sees that you have a good following, they equate this with entertainment and trust. The more trusted accounts get new followers on the daily who interact with their content often. This high number of likes and comments, in turn, encourages more people to follow these accounts. So, it becomes the gift that keeps on giving. Get people to notice your account by creating the illusion of a big following, and you will soon get more followers.

Investing in Instagram Ads

Even with a good number of followers, you might still not be reaching your target audience. Instagram enables you to set up ads and decide who you want to reach based on region, interests, age, and other key demographics. By casting a specific net into the sea, you are likely to get more leads than you would with a regular post. Besides, the ads are very cost-effective, enabling you to choose how long you want to run the ad and for how much. They are also not intrusive and allow users to interact with them as they watch stories or go through their feeds. To get the best out of ads, ensure that the promoted content is entertaining and catchy enough to ignite interest in your account, website, or another link.

Working with Influencers in Your Niche

It’s almost impossible to ignore the role that influencers play in the digital marketing world. These individuals have built a rapport with their audience, sparking trust and a parasocial connection with their followers. They can easily convince their followers to buy something or shun a product based on their experiences because people trust them. But how do you find the right influencer for your brand? We recommend that you zero in on influencers interested in your products and services. For example, if an influencer displays an interest in body lotions, you can use them to advertise your body splashes and oils. But using such an influencer to promote car accessories would likely not work. Also, do not shy away from partnering with like-minded brands for cross-promotion.

Tracking Your Metrics

It’s hard to know if you are on the right track if you don’t even know where you’re going. So, we will attack this point from two angles- setting your KPIs and measuring them. The KPIs come in many forms and depend on why you are on the platform. Do you want to reach more people, gain more followers, get more engagement on your posts, or drive traffic to your website? What’s your goal? That’s how you set your KPIs. That way, your content can align with the goal. For example, if you want to drive traffic to your website, you will end your captions with a call to action.

The next segment is measuring the KPIs. Now that you know what you want out of the platform, are you getting it? That’s where the measurement comes in, which you can do straight from your professional insights dashboard. Suppose you want to get 1,000 followers within 30 days. Instagram will show you how many more followers you have gained, and you can then decide if you attained your goal or not.

Incorporating Hashtags

Have you used any hashtags of late? These enable you to reach people outside your usual audience. For example, if someone looks up a popular hashtag, they will come across millions of pictures and videos using that hashtag. If you rank high in the algorithm, you have a high chance of being discovered by other users. You can use hashtags in two ways. The first is to jump on existing hashtags - opt for those with lower competition to increase your chances of appearing on the search. The second is to create a hashtag around which you can build a community for your brand. That way, anyone who looks up the hashtag will see user-generated content by you and your followers, increasing your visibility.

Strategizing and Scheduling Your Content

The last yet crucial point is scheduling your content. Ensure that your content aligns with your KPIs. For example, if you want more engagement on your posts, post videos and images that encourage people to like, comment, and share your posts. But if you’re looking for more website traffic, encourage users to follow links to your website. That’s the first part- strategy.

The next is to ensure that content reaches your target audience at the right time. The best way to figure this out is by posting at different times of the day and noting those with the highest engagement. Once you hack this, you can now schedule your posts for that time.

Don’t forget to utilize all the tools Instagram offers- stories, feeds, direct messages, IGTV videos, reels, and more. All the best!

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