7 Tips for Creating Effective and Eye-Catching Photos and Images for Social Media

7 Tips for Creating Effective and Eye-Catching Photos and Images for Social Media

If you want your social media content to grab people’s attention, it’s important that the images and photos you use are effective and eye-catching. Therefore, make sure you follow the following seven helpful tips.

1. Carefully Consider the Colors You Use

The colors you use in the photos and images you post on your social media channels can make a huge difference in how eye-catching they are and how effective they are in grabbing people’s attention.

While bright colors like orange and yellow can certainly make imagery pop, images that utilize high-contrast colors like yellow and purple, or even black and white, can be just as effectively eye-catching.

When you decide on a color scheme for photographs, you can either take photos that include those colors in the first place or use an editing tool to change the colors of elements of your photo, such as changing a blue background to a red one.

You should also consider how well the colors you choose pair with the colors you use in your branding. To make your whole social media channel stand out, you may want to consider using the same types of colors across all of your branding and the images you post.

You need to consider what psychological effect you want to create with your use of color too. For instance, a soft pink can have a calming effect while a bright orange can motivate people to take actions.

2.Get the Balance Right

By getting the color balance right in your social media imagery, you can create more eye-catching posts, but you also need to consider the balance of the image overall.

To come up with highly-effective images, you should utilize the rule of the golden ratio, get the balance right between large and small objects in the image, and attain a symmetrical or asymmetrical balance.

Juxtaposing lightness and darkness can also work wonders for creating a well-balanced image.

3.Use Filters to Turn Photos into Paintings

With good image editing software, you can turn photographs into stylish paintings that look like they’ve been completed by skillful artists.

For instance, some photo editing tools use A.I.-based technology that simulates certain styles, such as watercolors, Impressionist paintings, or Pop Art pictures.

Things like color-blending, complex brushwork, and depth of contrast can all be easily achieved for the style that you select.

4.Use Filters to Turn Photos into Cartoons

Similar to the above tip, some image editing software has the capability of turning photographs into cartoon-style images. The tool particularly works well for turning portrait photos into cartoons, but you can turn any kind of image into a cartoon.

Just make sure that the type of content you post on social media suits being “cartoonized.”

For instance, if you run a trendy business with branding that signifies fun, using cartoon effects for your social media images can work very well. On the other hand, if you use social media to promote a life insurance business, you’ll want to stay away from fun imagery like cartoons.

5.Watermark Your Images

It’s a good idea to add watermarks to your social media images to ensure your original designs’ intellectual property is protected and no one reuses your images without your permission.

However, it can take time to add watermarks to every single image, especially when you’re posting a lot to social media regularly. The good news is you can easily add watermarks to photos as a batch with BeFunky’s Watermark tool.

Also, you have the choice of using any kind of watermark you want. You could choose your brand’s logo, a stylized signature, or anything else that will protect and represent your work.

6.Add Words to Your Images

You can make your images connect with people and grab people’s attention more when you add words to them.

So, carefully consider what text you could use to elevate the meaning of your imagery and send out the right messages. By adding the right words, you can make your images more share-worthy and gain more followers.

7.Correctly Size Your Images

Each social media platform has different rules concerning the sizes of the images you can upload. Therefore, make sure you research what the size requirements are for the specific platforms you’re on and ensure you follow the sizing guidelines.

If you don’t, your pictures could end up having a low resolution or being cropped badly. Such things will make your images look less professional. In turn, they won’t be as effective and eye-catching as they would otherwise be.

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