7 Reasons Why TikTok Might Surpass Instagram By 2023

7 Reasons Why TikTok Might Surpass Instagram By 2023

TikTok has become a dominating platform as a hub of short-form videos on social media with almost one billion active users. It is famous for its unique features and up-to-the-mark video editing tools which make your video editing a wonderful experience. Even a person who doesn’t know much about video editing can easily edit and create an awesome video by using the tools provided by TikTok.

Because of its unmatched popularity and powerful impact on social media, it is equally liked and used by brands as well as business owners. This indicates a huge space for marketers and advertisers to showcase their products on this platform and take advantage of its popularity.

TikTok policies emphasize community sharing and supporting each other so this is a really fair game for brands. It provides a huge chance for the brands to share their products and use their connection to support each other.

But before moving forward let’s have a look over the key difference between TikTok and Instagram:

  • The number of monthly active users on Instagram is more than on TikTok
  • The percentage of female users on Instagram is less compared to that on TikTok
  • Since its inception, Instagram has been downloaded more than TikTok
  • In the list of most-used media platforms, Instagram ranks 4th while TikTok ranks 7th number.
  • People like to spend more time on TikTok than on Instagram
  • Although Youngsters love both Instagram and TikTok, Gen Z loves to use TikTok more
  • While Instagram is ruling the Asian social media market, TikTok is very popular across the United States

In this article, we are going to discuss the points due to which it can be clearly estimated that tik can surpass Instagram by 2023.

7 causes that make TikTok rule Instagram:

Instagram and TikTok both are providing platforms to post videos with vertical length with a number of video editing tools. At a glance, both of them look identical as they offer the same set of user experiences and video editing options but there are some features that make TikTok far more beneficial and effective as compared to Instagram. To utilize the TikTok marketing platform with its fullest potential Buy TikTok likes.

We are going to discuss those features below:

1. Video length:

When you are using social media to represent your brand or product it becomes very important to create detailed and lengthy videos. It really helps you to create awareness about your brand. Initially, Instagram and TikTok both were supporting video reels that are 15 seconds long. Later on, Instagram changed its feature by extending the video length support to 60 seconds.

Meanwhile, TikTok extended the length of their videos first by making it 1 minute long in 2021, and later on, it rolled out another extension in which it started supporting the videos up to 3 minutes. And guess what, by February 2022, Tik Tok finally added the option to create a 10 min long video. Between the years 2021 and 2022, some of the most popular social media like Instagram and YouTube have also been adding short-video features on the heels of TikTok’s popularity.

2.Music and sound options:

The second important key component that is behind the massive fan following of TikTok is the creator’s access to the music or sound library which is no doubt a very obvious part of the video content. On Instagram, it is very hard to search the music or sound to add to the background of your video as the sound search is not so good. TikTok, on the other hand, has amazing sound search features that give you the best video editing experience.

3. Fastest growing app:

TikTok is a fast-growing app that managed to generate an amount of 142 million dollars in December 2020. It has rapidly increased its revenue generation in the past few years. In 2021, it generated $4.6 billion, which means a 142% increase year-on-year. Obviously, there is no way it is going to slow down soon, as its income is breaking records with each passing month.

4.The most Downloaded App:

TikTok has been the most downloaded social media application in 2020. It overtook the popularity of the top-listed apps like Facebook and WhatsApp, which took second and third place worldwide. It is the first non-Facebook app to surpass the milestone of 3 billion downloads having over 1 billion downloads solely on the Google play store. In the first six months of 2021 TikTok has been downloaded 3 billion times and became the most downloaded non-game.

5. Currently Available in 200 Countries

Despite being banned in many countries it is still currently available in around 200 countries. One billion active users are spread across 154 countries, which is making TikTok one of the most popular social media platforms by 2022. All thanks to the tremendous growth of the platform, it is now accessible almost everywhere around the globe. Moreover, it’s available in over 75 different languages which add up more value to its versatility.

According to a survey done in April 2022, The United States is the country with the largest TikTok audience of approximately 136.5 million users engaging with this popular social video platform. Indonesia followed, with around 99 million TikTok users and Brazil came in third, with 74 million audience watching short videos.

6.Massive usage on daily basis:

Out of Ten nine TikTok, users use the app more than once a day. Various studies reveal that 90% of the total TikTok users open the app several times on a daily basis. About 68% of the users watch other people’s video content on the platform, while the other 55% of the users upload their own video content. According to Pew Research, 33% of TikTok users said that they regularly get their news from the app. The striking fact given by Wall Street Journal states that users currently spend 17.6 million hours per day on Instagram Reels, on the other hand, they spend 197.8 million hours per day on TikTok.

7.Attracts the young generation more:

We all know that social media demographics are of great importance as they help you to find out which platform is more profitable for your business. If your targeted audience consists of youngsters mainly, then TikTok is the right place for you to be. This might be the reason that the app’s creators are determined to make their content, especially for youngsters between the ages of 18 to 29 years.

In a way, we can say that TikTok understands its core audience much better than its any other competitor which is one of the root causes of its being in the headlines.


To be honest, it is really hard to evaluate the upcoming performance of TikTok and Instagram, both of them are doing great in their space but the facts and figures mentioned above signal the surpass of TikTok over Instagram by 2023. So, we can say that the growth rate of TikTok is unbearable and we can see it ranking at the top of all social media platforms and leading the world of digital marketing as being the most creative and effective advertising channel.

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