7 Facebook Ads Tips You Need to Know

7 Facebook Ads Tips You Need to Know

It’s hard to say whether the developers of social media platforms were originally planning to create a money-making machine that is worth billions of dollars. But what we can assure is that social media has a lot of power that can be used for marketing purposes. It’s almost impossible for a company that wants to penetrate new markets and audiences to ignore the role of social media. Facebook has around 2.7 billion active users around the world; the size of this much data is incredible. There are some ad platforms that have a similar model to Facebook. There is no doubt that Facebook has become the king of social media advertising. To help you get the best out of your marketing experience on Facebook, we’ll be giving you the top 7 tips you need to know.

Using Canvas Ads

If you’ve ever seen Canvas Ads on Facebook, chances are that you were impressed by such a feature. But implementing this functionality is not as easy as it seems, which puts off a lot of creators and businesses from starting it. If you think that investing time in images, videos, and texts in a collage-like window is not worth it, then you are mistaken. Statistically, more than half the users on Facebook who have seen a Canvas Ad have at least seen half of the ad if it were a video. You may want to invest in proper storytelling to connect several ad types together.

Lookalike Audience

Lookalike audiences are one of the most effective techniques used in targeting audiences on Facebook. It’s based on an algorithm that targets certain audiences then collects other users of similar interests to see your posts or ads. You can think of it from an experimental perspective, and this experiment allows you to widen the circle of users possibly interested in your product or ads. Facebook uses different gauging tools to determine the similarity of users, such as demographics, interests, likes, and others. This will help you boost your ROI if you carefully select your audience.

Page Post Engagement

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that page likes mean an automatically high reach. Facebook’s algorithm uses a different way of deciding the amount of exposure that your posts get. If you have a page that has 1000 likes, a post may only reach 200 if you don’t utilize other techniques. You’ll want to set up engagement targets like comments, shares, likes, and responses. If you manage to make your posts engaging to your target audience, they will start getting more interactions, reaching a bigger segment than they originally had alone.

Video Ads

The latest digital marketing trend revolves around video. At first, many people were reluctant to switch to video ads because they thought that the attention span of users wouldn’t allow for a full viewing of the ads. And while that may be true for some users, the majority of users are actually becoming more engaged with video ads. The process is similar to setting up image ads, but the video creation may require more work to come out as unique as possible to be able to engage users. Fortunately, the range of ads that can be made is quite wide, as the length limit of video ads is as high as 240 minutes. You can create these with a Facebook ad maker.

Simple GIFS

It’s hard to find someone that doesn’t like short and sweet gifs. When it comes to videos and GIFs in digital marketing, the shorter the ad is, the higher the chance of it being watched in full. Instead of creating long 5 or 10-minute videos, you should opt for 5 or 10-seconds GIFs that can tell the story of your brand in a quirky and creative way. The best thing about creating GIFs is that they don’t take half the resources and labor required in videos, not to mention that they always look great on mobile phones.

Opt for Long-Form Content

The notion that short content is always better than long content has been around for some time, surprisingly, without any proof. Long copies can be quite effective in sending a message. Instead of assuming that cramming your whole ad in a small vessel means that more people will see it, think of creating long-form content that can actually impact people and make them want to watch a long video or presentation. While this may be against the concept of using short-form content like GIFs and images, it’s actually more about combining them both to send different types of branding messages.

More Strategies

There are countless ways to promote your brand or business on social media and these are only a few. You can also use tools like CreatorKit to create ads and social media content to stand out from your competitors.

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Don’t Worry About Budget

It’s not uncommon for new business owners and entrepreneurs to fret about the budget of digital marketing. Fortunately, the budget can be the least of your worries if you’re focusing on maximizing the effect of your Facebook campaign. You’ll want to focus on optimizing your content instead of branching out and stretching your budget ineffectively.

The budgets that businesses assign for social media are constantly increasing, and not only because companies are realizing their importance, but also because of how quickly social media platforms are evolving to accommodate more demands for customization. It’s better to start working on your Facebook ads while you still have the chance to scale up.

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