6 Reasons Why You Should Add Subtitles to Social Media Videos

6 Reasons Why You Should Add Subtitles to Social Media Videos

Social media has transformed over the years to become a vast platform for marketers and businesses to reach out to their audiences. Close to 5 billion people use social platforms to interact, learn new things, and even get updates from their favorite brands. Some don’t even watch TV news channels anymore, as the social media world gives them all the information they need on world and local happenings.

These close to 5 billion users have diverse needs, come from different backgrounds, and have varied interests. Businesses must use social media’s various innovations to reach out to them. One such feature that has consistently grown in popularity is subtitling in videos. It’s all about adding captions and offers several benefits. Here are some:

Adding subtitles to social media videos will help you reach more people. You’ll cater to your audience’s diverse needs, ensuring everyone understands the content or message. Those with hearing difficulties will be able to understand, while those who don’t speak the language the video is in can get its gist.

For instance, when an English video is subtitled in French, more people from France will watch and understand it. This way, you reach an even broader base, marketing or creating awareness for your brand. However, make sure the subtitling is professional, accurate, and complete. Use video editing tools such as the Movavi Video Editor and Shotcut.

Boost Engagement

Subtitles boost engagement on social media videos by enabling people to watch without sound or with low volume. People can watch a video in public without disturbing the environment. Besides, subtitles are helpful when watching a video in a noisy place, such as in a café. The captions will enable them to understand the content without increasing the volume. Subtitles also help keep viewers engaged, as they can read what’s being said while following the action. This way, they are less likely to get bored or distracted and move on to something else. They can fully comprehend, appreciate, and remember the message or story.

Use the Same Videos To Reach an International Audience

You don’t have to create a unique video for all your target audiences. Instead, you can subtitle the same video in different languages for people worldwide to understand. This way, creating international videos will be easier, faster, and less costly.

Subtitles also enable you to speak in the native language of your international audience. You’ll consider their culture, beliefs, and even their accents. It makes your videos more relatable and understandable. You’ll also easily penetrate, connect, and engage with this part of your target audience. These subtitles will get your message across, whether you’re introducing a product, promoting a brand, or creating awareness about something.

Get Better Search Engine Rankings

Search engine algorithms favor videos that are well-subtitled. When a search engine crawls a page and detects the presence of subtitles, it automatically gives the footage an increased ranking. This is because the search engine deems it more relevant, helpful, and user-friendly. Use the right keywords in your subtitles to make the results even better.

Become More Competitive

Reaching out and addressing the diverse needs of your target audience with tools like Grin,for example,  will make you more competitive. You’ll differentiate yourself from other brands and provide a better experience. People will remember your videos and content as they can easily understand them. This will make them loyal to you, boosting your brand recognition. However, ensure the subtitles are professional and accurate, as poor quality will negatively affect your brand.

Give Your Audience Choice

Choice offers you a competitive edge. Your audience will appreciate the fact that they can watch your video without sound or with low volume. The effort is vital as 53% of viewers in America now use subtitles more often. Poor sound quality, hearing issues, background noises, or language barriers make them prefer captions. Not including subtitles will limit your viewers, slowing your growth.

It’s a Smart Move

The different audiences you reach out to may have various needs and preferences, but subtitles make them understand your content better. You also become more competitive, leading to higher viewership, better online visibility, and greater loyalty to your brand. Overall, adding subtitles is a smart move as it benefits you and the customers. Keep checking that the subtitles are accurate and professionally done for maximum effect.

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