5 Ways to Automate Your Social Media Marketing Like a Pro

5 Ways to Automate Your Social Media Marketing Like a Pro

Take a look at any successful product. All these companies use some form of marketing to get more people to try out their products. A good product makes growth faster as a result of better user acquisition.

But marketing is such a broad term. It can refer to SEO, Linkedin, Twitter, Google Ads, partnerships, and more.

I want to focus on only one form of marketing in this article — social media marketing. The reason why it is so effective is that everyone is always glued to their phones. Your phone is not an accessory but a part of your life.

It is clear that you need social media marketing. But which platform in particular? Should you post tweets or reels on TikTok?Should you write long-form content on writing platforms? The answer is — you need everything.

There are only two routes available to post content regularly on all platforms. The first one is to work endlessly until you get burned out. This route is slow and not feasible.

Luckily, you can use the second route — social media marketing automation. Here are 5 ways to automate your social media marketing like a professional.

Social media lets you extend your reach and talk to a global audience. While this is primarily a good thing, it also means a lot more feedback — good and bad.

Nothing gets your users more riled up than getting put on hold. Poor customer service is absolutely detrimental to your company in today’s world.

Instead, use first-party or third-party chatbots that respond to users’ questions. Chatbots can answer the most common questions and only raise the complaint to an actual person if necessary.

A good example is companies with a second Twitter account for support. The chatbot responds whenever the main account is tagged for any issue.

Harness Insights from Analytics

You need to allocate resources strategically and responsibly. Otherwise, you will end up exhausting your budget with no progress.

With the help of analytics, you can learn from your wins and losses. You will get data about the best time to post, the tone of your post, and more.

You can then use this data to improve engagement by letting the algorithms work for you.

By the end of every month, you can make necessary changes to your automation based on analytics data.

Repurpose Content for Different Platforms

You can use the same content for different platforms. All you need to do is repurpose it correctly. Initially, you can do this work manually and turn the content into tweets, reels, and Instagram posts.

Creating separate content for every platform does not make sense. You only need to change the way you deliver the message. This is to keep in mind the different audiences.

TikTok has a younger audience, and Facebook has an older one. Keeping this in mind, you can repurpose your content.

Once you scale up, you can either hire a dedicated person or use an AI tool in the market.

Interact With Your Most Active Users

While you cannot interact with everyone, you should make it a point to interact with your loyal users. Interaction allows you to take feedback and enables product-led growth.

Using automation tools like Somiibo can help you monitor mentions and replies. You can take some time daily to interact with your loyal fans so that they feel part of the product’s family.

Interacting with users is important for growing brands. It helps your users and audience connect with your vision.

Use Automation Tools

The right business tools can do wonders for any company. For marketing, automation tools make all the difference.

Automation tools are at the fingertips of all marketing professionals. They use them to remove redundant tasks.

You can use different tools for different purposes. You can use social listening tools to understand what people are saying about your company.

You can use a tool like Somiibo to automate your growth to target new untapped followers. You can use it to increase your growth on various platforms such as Instagram, SoundCloud, TikTok, YouTube, and many more.


Social media marketing is essential now and will remain so in the future. Automating the process with different tools is the best way to get more clicks with less effort.

To get faster results, you need to automate your social media marketing processes like a professional. This article covers the steps to take to get started.

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