5 Ways to Automate Your Social Media Activity

5 Ways to Automate Your Social Media Activity

In 21st century life, social media is now an essential part of our lives. This is true for businesses looking to connect with influencers, customers, and even potential investors. Having a social media strategy is a prerequisite in your marketing strategy, but it can be time-consuming. Between updating your profile, creating content, responding to followers, and sharing content, managing your social media accounts is a full-time job. All this is time-consuming, but do you know there’s a shortcut to all this? Yes, it’s time you consider social media automation. This means using tools that can handle tasks like posting, reporting, and monitoring so that you can keep your digital presence visible. If this sounds like your plan, give these five techniques a try.

1. Use Automation Apps and Software

This is the best way to automate your social media presence. You can try tools like HubSpot, Buffer, Social Flow, or Hootsuite, among others. These tools have different unique features, and it would help if you research each tool before making any decision. If you’re a blogger who promotes other brands on your website for money, you might have to think about blog business incorporation. These automation tools allow you to schedule social media content in advance. Additionally, they will monitor your account and notify you when someone leaves a comment or mentions your brand. If you’re starting, it would be best to select one tool and experiment with it by scheduling a few posts. Additionally, some of the tools above have apps. This helps you to stay in touch with your accounts while on the move.

2. Data Aggregation Tools

Combining each social media account’s analytics, insight, and data can be time-consuming. Rather, you can combine them into a single place using a tool like Awario or Sprout Social. This allows you to understand what kind of content best resonates with your audience; Finding the right content for your audience is vital in building a customer relationship. Understanding this helps you make solid business decisions on the move. Compared to calculators and spreadsheets, these tools are a solid investment decision and could be worthwhile in the long haul. Additionally, some of these tools can talk to each other. For instance, you could create a zap trigger that automatically posts new WordPress posts into your Twitter account.

3. Try Syncing Your Blog

If you’re working hard on a particular blog post or creating an infographic, it’s time to post it to your followers on social media. If you’re using WordPress, here’s some good news. There are several plugins on WordPress that allow you to add social media share buttons on your page. You can also use plugins that post on your social media pages each time you publish a new post. Since you’re not limited to anything, it’s best to sync your blog content and social media updates before posting. Some tools allow you to schedule your calendar concerning the social media platform where you plan to share your content. However, you should curate each content to its own social media channel. Content that does well on Facebook will not have the same engagement on Twitter.

4. Post Multiple Times

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While you don’t want to bombard your follower’s timeline feed with the same content, no rule forbids you from posting multiple times. Based on statistics, the most effective social media users post more than four times per day. Even if you’re posting the same content, this increases your chance of attracting a new audience. If you assess your audience and get to know them, you’ll realize they’re from every part of the globe. This means that each time you post, there will be followers online. You can set-up a schedule in the morning of when you’d like to post each content. Start with content like motivational quotes, which work well with many social media followers.

5. Put Your Focus on Each Task

It would be best to realize that you cannot automate 100 percent of your social media activity. Turning that account into a recognizable account takes time. In some cases, automation will not ensure that you have a big following. It would help if you had some moments when you have a real interaction with your followers and fans. While you might not think about it, people can easily notice when an account is a bot. Rather than getting overwhelmed, it would be best to focus on accomplishing each task when you have time.

Using social media automation can be a good addition to your marketing strategy. It helps to save time as you focus on other factors to build your brand. Additionally, it helps you avoid repetitive tasks, which make you more effective in social media marketing. Finally, evaluate each tool to see if it’s in-line with your social strategy.

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