5 reasons why SEO and SMM are NOT mutually exclusive

5 reasons why SEO and SMM are NOT mutually exclusive

The two most popular services in the digital world nowadays are search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM). SEO is used to boost the traffic of a webpage, related to a business or a certain brand. Both services are extremely important to help the average internet user find the website or a social media profile they are looking for while on a major search engine or a social media platform.

Although websites and social media platforms might look different, the content published on both should remain consistent. To help you understand why SEO and SMM are not the same, we have combined these five reasons.

1. What is the main objective of SEO

The purpose of SEO is to increase traffic to a website. A website ranked highly on major search engines such as Google tends to be user-friendly, both on a computer and on a mobile device. Keywords are another way to help a website’s ranking. Keywords are important to help people find what they are searching for. For more information about SEO, visit this link.

However, social media marketing combines paid social media marketing on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook ads with other non-paid social media posts. Social media marketing is a fantastic way of getting a brand noticed. Plenty of businesses use SMM to make people aware of their brand. To grow your business on Social Media you need a very good strategy.

2. SEO: It can take a long time before you see Results

Creating new content, changing the way a site works, adding new keywords, etc. can take a long time. Plus, Google’s algorithms are constantly changing so you have to work hard to stay on top of things. This can be an extremely long process, and it might take a very long time before you see results.

On the other hand, when social media marketing is done correctly, the process is much faster. You can see immediate results and the platform will be able to supply you with all the details.

3. You don’t need to spend money increasing your site’s traffic with SEO

You can provide content, create your own website, and put in keywords yourself without spending a penny. Although it would be hard to get your website ranked highly on Google, it is possible to do everything yourself. Of course, you would need to know how SEO works.

However, social media marketing is paid advertisements. People hand over cash to these platforms or digital marketing companies to help them to promote ads and other content.  

4. SEO is about attracting a large audience

The main purpose of SEO is to attract as many visitors as possible to a website through a search engine. Those who are ranked highly on search engines experience a lot more organic traffic. Making your website more visible online can help reach a larger audience.

Just like there are many search engines, there are lots of different social media platforms out there to choose from. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are just some of the examples that are used on a daily basis by lots of people around the globe. The ads placed on these platforms are targeted at a specific audience. Social media marketing is a type of marketing strategy used on various platforms.

5. Which right for you: SMM or SEO

If you have a business and you are keen to get it noticed, consider using both SMM and SEO. Although you can expect to get instant results using SMM, they tend to be limited depending on your budget. SEO is a long-term solution. When the process is done right, it can have a major impact on your website.

Deciding which is the right way to go depends on what you are selling or promoting, what your business’s goals are, and what your advertising budget is. Although you can save money and do all the SEO work yourself, it is not as easy as you might think.


Having a strong presence online can help businesses grow to the next level. Both social media platforms and websites give businesses the perfect opportunity to interact with their customers.  There have been major changes in the advertising world in the past few decades. Very few businesses are placing ads in newspapers and magazines, instead, they are mostly advertising on the web.

You might have the best website and fantastic social media profile, but without SEO and SMM the chances of getting noticed are slim. Both can be extremely powerful tools if used correctly. With over 2 billion people creating accounts with Facebook and approximately 63,000 Google searches per second, both can be used to reach out to a very large audience. If both are utilized in the right manner, it could help the business become successful.

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